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  1. Such a beautiful type 3 my brother. Btw, still have the parts for your grill version sitting in a bag. Remember that I tried it out recently?
  2. Um, yes. Okay you can't throw it around because then the tiles come off. A reason why I slightly secured them with a little bit tape. But nothing you will notice if you have it in hands. It's just a very very small strip sitting between the cut edge slope and the round tile.
  3. Thank you very much for your kind words 😉 Much appreciated. Yeah fun fact is that you can order this thing officially at German Ford dealers.
  4. Thank you for your input. It is natural light 😉 But sometimes we have sunsets and then the light is more yellow XD But appreciate it my friend 🙂
  5. Sven

    Ram Flatbeds

    Well, the right one. Why? I see kragle connections on the left one XD Anyway, they both look very nice 🙂
  6. I really appreciate it Josh and its quite an honor being featured 🙂
  7. Thanks so much my friend 😉 It isn't that simple tbh because its a three wide grill in a six wide front. Was quite a challenge. But what tickles me now is the jumper plate comin off on the pic XD Thank you very much for your kind words. Thank you very much Joshua. Really enjoyed designing it.
  8. Sven

    Real Life FD Apparatus

    Variety of mostly FDNY, CFD and other departments rigs
  9. Sven

    Coming soon...

    Thank you so much 😉 Yeah hope I can show the finished product during this week my friend.
  10. Sven

    Coming soon...

    Thanks so much bro 🙂 Really lookin forward to it's final completion with all the details i want. 🙂
  11. Sven

    Coming soon...

    From the album: Real Life FD Apparatus

    Just waiting for the chrome parts to arrive ;)
  12. Yeah, really was a joy reading it 🙂 Many Thanks!
  13. Sven

    1 & 6

    Agree with Joshua regarding the presentation 😉 Solid and good lookin rigs + pretty nice striping.
  14. Sven

    Brickford City PD F-150

    Thanks for the credits, it's a solid lookin unit. But not sure if I was the one who came up with the sloped door design first 😉 Sometimes I can't remember XD But I appreciate it.

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