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  1. Happy Birthday Justin Fisk!

  2. Happy Birthday Justin Fisk!

  3. Anyone know someone who's good at building police interceptors?

    1. Jackeatley


      Dakota did some cool ones.

    2. Justin Fisk

      Justin Fisk

      Are they still around?

    3. Jackeatley


      Check the downloads, there was a thread about somewhere too.

  4. Getting more hours at work. Maybe I'll be able to order some parts sooner than planned after all.

  5. Tomorrow's going to be my first day at Walmart, even though I'm not done with orientation yet.

  6. Anybody have a Pierce Dash CF PUC LDD engine or ladder they could send me?

    1. ID-1


      Evan added one to the gallery/downloads section earlier today.

  7. First paycheck cashed in. Working till 2 or 3 in the morning is starting to pay off. But taxes suck.

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    2. Dakota


      until you gotta pay bills and buy your own food don't complain, you got it good!

    3. Dakota


      Plus you'll be happier come tax return time

    4. Dustin


      Try having to pay state tax and property tax and vehicle tax for a state you dont even live in. You see where I'm going here? Being 18 and only having taxes come out of your pay check every two weeks isnt bad.

  8. Would any one happen to have a Pierce Arrow XT Bronto Skylift? I've been attempting to build one but gave up on it.

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    2. Jackeatley


      Oh damm i forgot to send it over, i'll do it later tonight.

    3. Justin Fisk

      Justin Fisk

      It's alright James, and ID could you send it my way if you find it?

    4. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      Tore mine down because it was way too bulky... the pics are on here though

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