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  1. My original post for the BVFD seems to have disappeared. Or perhaps that was on the old EB and I forgot to ever post it on here. Anyway, here is the Brick Village FD. I apologize for the novel 🤣 The BVFD is a combination department comprised of two separate yet equally important entities: the Fire Department, which comprises the members, and the Fire District, which encompasses the Commissioners, paid staff, and is responsible for budgeting, maintenance, etc. Below is each station. After the stations, I will post the response guidelines. The Fire Department operates out of four stations. Each station has one fire Captain, one fire Lieutenant and one EMS Lieutenant. There is one EMS Captain for the department. The membership is broken down into the following: Fire/Rescue: These are the firefighters, who make up the bulk of the membership. Firefighters can ride the ambulance as well. Rescue: Individuals who choose to only do EMS. Fire Police: These members are responsible for scene safety and security. They will shut down traffic at incidents, ensure only responders have access to the scene, assist Command with mutual aid apparatus placement, etc. These are typically more senior members who wish to contribute without the rigors of active firefighting/EMS. They can ride the ambulance if they choose. Headquarters: Engine 1 Truck 1 Brush 1 Traffic 1 Ambulance 1-5 Ambulance 1-15 Medic 80 (24/7 staffed ALS flycar) BLS 81 (career-staffed BLS flycar) BLS 82 (volunteer-staffed BLS flycar) Utility 90 (personnel transport) Utility 91 (District vehicle/can be used as a personnel transport if needed) Utility 92 (District vehicle/can be used as a personnel transport if needed) Station 2: Engine 2 Brush 2 Ambulance 2-5 Utility 93 (personnel transport) Utility 95 (mechanic's truck) Station 3: Engine 3 Truck 3 Brush 3 Ambulance 3-5 Utility 94 (personnel transport) Station 4: Engine 4 Engine 14 Brush 4 Traffic 4 Ambulance 4-5 Ambulance 4-15 Utility 97 (personnel transport) Take-home vehicles: 30 - Chief of Department 31 - 1st Assistant Chief 32 - 2nd Assistant Chief 96 - District Manager (in charge of all paid personnel) The department utilizes a call-in system so that the dispatchers know how many volunteers are responding and to what location. Members go into the app and pick the station that they are going to (or whether they are responding direct, which is only allowed for EMTs on EMS calls). For EMS runs: The medic (80) is first out to all EMS alarms, followed by 82 if it is staffed. 81 remains at the station. If a chauffeur is called in, but no EMT, the paid EMT will ride as the EMT. If an EMT is called in but not a chauffeur, the paid EMT will drive the ambulance. Should a full crew (driver and EMT call in), 81 will respond to the scene in the flycar. For Fire runs: Each station has primary and secondary apparatus designated for different responses. Some of these are the same, but some differ between stations. Vehicle and trash fires: The closest station will roll their brush truck first due, while the other stations roll an engine. Brush fires and trail/woods rescues: Each station rolls their brush truck first due, followed by an engine. Structural calls (includes all fire alarms, gas leaks, etc.): Stations 1 and 3 will roll their ladder first due, while the other stations roll the engine. Technical rescues: Closest ladder responds first due while other stations roll the engine. Mutual aids - fire: Closest station has priority. If they are not on the road within two minutes, it is fair game for any station to respond. Mutual aids - EMS: If full crews call in to multiple stations, the closest station takes it. If not, whichever station has a crew can take it. Motor Vehicle Accidents: Medic is first out for all MVAs. The closest station rolls the ambulance first due, followed by the engine. Exception: if there is reported fire or heavy rescue, engine is first due regardless. Remaining stations are to use their own discretion when determining what apparatus to take. I have inserted a table below if anyone needs clarification. Station Brush or Woods Rescue Structure Vehicle/Trash Tech Rescue MVA STA 1 - First Due: Brush 1 Truck 1 Brush 1 (if closest)/Engine 1 Truck 1 Amb (if closest)/Engine 1 Second Due: Engine 1 Engine 1 Engine 1/Brush 1 Engine 1 Truck 1 Third Due: Truck 1 Brush 1 Truck 1 Brush 1 Brush 1 Fourth Due: Utility 90 Utility 90 Utility 90 Utility 90 Utility 90 STA 2 - First Due: Brush 2 Engine 2 Brush 2 Engine 2 Amb (if closest)/Engine 2 Second Due: Engine 2 Brush 2 Engine 2 Brush 2 Engine 2/Amb Third Due: Utility 93 Utility 93 Utility 93 Utility 93 Brush 2/Utility 93 STA 3 - First Due: Brush 3 Truck 3 Brush 3 (if closest)/Engine 3 Truck 3 Amb (if closest)/Engine 3 Second Due: Engine 3 Engine 3 Engine 3/Eng 3 Engine 3 Truck 3 Third Due: Truck 3 Brush 3 Truck 3 Brush 3 Brush 3 Fourth Due: Utility Utility Utility Utility Utility STA 4 - First Due: Brush 4 Engine 4 Brush 4 Engine 4 Amb (if closest)/Engine 4 Second Due: Engine 4 Engine 14 Engine 14 Engine 14 Engine 14 Third Due: Engine 14 Brush 4 Engine 4 Engine 4 Brush/ 4 Fourth Due: Utility 97 Utility 97 Utility 97 Utility 97 Utility 97
  2. Ironically, this one is based off of a neighnoring agency that I don't particularly care for 🤣
  3. The apparatus of BVFD, both built (in bricks) and proposed (designed but not built).
  4. I'm a little late to the party on this one, but it's missing a compartment between the pump and rear wheel... unless you're going for WUI, but you already said no when you said it's an urban engine. Also, is it supposed to be a lowrider??
  5. Ed O.

    SBFR Station 5

    Kudos to you for doing a full interior. I just throw some walls up and slap a roof on top 🤣
  6. New Unnamed Side Department: A merger of several small departments, with each department becoming a battalion (though some battalions are comprised of 2 or more of the smallest departments). 1st Battalion: Station 1 (Department Headquarters) Station 2 Station 3 Station 4 Station 5 2nd Battalion: Station 6 (2nd Battalion Headquarters) Station 7 Station 8 Station 9 Station 10 3rd Battalion: Station 11 (3rd Battalion Headquarters) Station 12 Station 13 Station 14 Station 15 4th Battalion: Station 16 (4th Battalion Headquarters) Station 17 Station 18 Station 19 Within the 1st Battalion are also the training and mechanic facilities. Department Headquarters has offices for the command staff, commissioners, Chief Mechanic, and all of the committees (apparatus, safety, training, etc.). The dispatch center is also housed there, staffing 10 dispatchers. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions house dive/high water/ice rescue teams due to significant water areas. They each operate a boat. The 4th Battalion is the most commercialized, and as such, houses the HazMat and Tech Rescue units.
  7. Ed O.

    Glenboro rescue

    Is Glenboro the department it is based on or the name of your department?
  8. My apologies, but I don't recall commenting on this in the past. What feedback did I give?
  9. Ed O.

    Tanker 3

    This makes me want a Mack R!!
  10. Ed O.

    1 & 6

    Thanks, everyone!!
  11. @Dakotait appears that you edited my prior post to say which images had been transferred and which had not. However, I don't see said files in my galleries. Are you waiting until completion?
  12. Ownership Transferred, album assigned

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