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  1. Happy Birthday Anthony D.!

  2. Snow is on the way! Expect an incident here in the near future with snow!!

  3. Wow, my birthday haul was pretty good; got enough pieces to get 5 new firefighters, 1 new EMT, 1 cop and 2 civilians, not to mention enough to finish up Squad 128-2 and almost complete 128-1.

  4. Happy Birthday Anthony D.!

  5. New truck should be here today from TMJ28.

  6. Visited Springdale Fire Department today and had a meting with Asst. Chief Anthony Stanley III. We talked for q good 15 minutes and really got to know each other and I learned a lot about what it will take to get on the department. Good news is that I will have certifications that many others will not, bad news is that they will only have three positions open in the next one to two years. On other news, Squad 128-1 has been bought from TMJ, and will be in-quarters in about a week.

  7. Has anyone else's EB acting up, mine keeps on loading halfway and then stopping.

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    2. EHFDtower751


      was doing that for me a few days ago, go to click on something and wouldn't load it

    3. ID-1


      Clear your cookies and/or cache

    4. Dakota


      We are anticipating a forum upgrade in the near future that should resolve some of the bugs you may be experiencing. In the meantime, the general go to fix for most is as ID-1 said, clear your cache & cookies and try loading the page again.

  8. Working some more on my municipal fleet; updating my bucket truck, replacing a stake bed truck, and rebuilding my Coast Guard unit. I am hoping to purchase some new sets after I get done at work, I only have 4 shifts left. I start work at a restaurant in November.

  9. Alright, I have a predicament. I have an engine/tanker almost complete, like 85%, but, I am not sure if it was I want. Should I continue or rebuild it into a foam unit, based on the link I will post below?

    1. Anthony D.
    2. Harrison McNeill

      Harrison McNeill

      I would finish it and see how it looks complete then if you don't like it build the foam unit.

    3. Anthony D.

      Anthony D.

      I am gonna finish it, as well as upgrade my PUC pumper, it needs some work on the pump.

  10. I am currently working on a Commercial Chassis engine/tanker to serve BTFD. I should be finished with it sometime tomorrow; I gotta pick up a set to finish the cab.

    1. Anthony D.

      Anthony D.

      Note: Sometime in October, just payed for Driver's Ed :/

  11. Hmm, time for Legos, wait, nope, it's time for sleep!

  12. School has been great so far, learning lots of new things, especially firefighting. I had one of the highest scores on the pretest for this years class (same test in the beginning and end) with a 60% of 100%. My uniforms are pretty sweet as well, they have my name stitched in, with a Scarlet Oaks fire patch as well.

  13. I resigned my position of Senior Patrol Leader in my troop yesterday, due to JROTC, School and Work. As I said to my scoutmaster, I would rather see the troop thrive than for me to lead it piss poorly.

  14. I missed explorers because I am sick.. don't know what it is but I am not feeling so good.

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