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  1. What vehicle's will you be posting before the end of 2018?. 

    Plans for 2019?.


    1. calvin fox

      calvin fox

      the rest of station 1  then  i dont know  


    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Station 1 is a great design and look to it. 

  2. hi guys and girls welcome to my lego mocs     called baybrick county   baybrick rural and baybrick airport   i do hope you like my models   alot of them have been created from help of other moc builders and credit is shown  with the models theve helped on   hope you guys like   please comment on models as all feedback goes towards future builds and designs    etc  im not keen on ldd /stud,io  models i like to see them in real brick as you can change and adjust things with real bricks     take care and keep building and showing them models   all the best calvin 

    1. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      Love your MOCs Calvin! 

    2. calvin fox

      calvin fox

      Thanks Micheal 👍

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