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  1. Well I'm back can't wait to finish the golry ladder 7544 aka Ladder 44 for Uniondale. 

  2. Need help!!! Which is better a light/medium rescue with 4 wheels? Or a heavy rescue with six wheels? (4 in the back)

    1. davidzq


      8 wheels in back*

      It would depend on your needs. Do you need more tools than a medium can carry? Do you have room and maneuverability for a heavy? My preferred method is pulling the "its just lego" card, and build whatever I want!

    2. ~JD~


      A large vehicle without a Trailor and has 8 wheels in the back is called a tandem axle. I agree with David, it depends on you department's needs and what is expected of the truck.

  3. Working om new LUFD website.

  4. What is the best truck for a hose company? It can be Industrial or a regular chassis. I need help!!!!!

  5. Working on my Seagrave RMA ladder 7544

  6. Happy Birthday Lego Uniondale FD!

  7. Old Seagrave Engine for Headquarters.

  8. Making a Ferrara Ember Collapse Rescue

  9. Why did American La France defunct earlier this year?

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    2. ~JD~


      Lebby, it wasn't? I thought Freightliner bought ALF in the early 2000s?

    3. Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      @JD, Freightliner owned ALF until December of 2005 when ownership was transferred to a private holding firm in New York.

    4. ~JD~


      Ah, okay, thanks for the info Tim. I guess I missed the part where ALF changed hands from Freightliner to the firm.

  10. Why did American La France defunct earlier this year?

  11. Seagrave or Sutphen Engines for Headquarters? Which is better?

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    2. oceanbrickfire
    3. Harrison McNeill
    4. Lego Uniondale FD

      Lego Uniondale FD

      I guess I'll have to make a Sutphen and a Seagrave then. Well i do have a Sutphen already but need to do something with my old Chevy/International Pumper Tanker. I'm am not destroying it i might put it as a spear truck. I'm not sure.

  12. Seagrave or Sutphen Engines for Headquarters? Which is better?

  13. Should I have few Tow Trucks in my deparment service? how many any ideas?

  14. Where can i get FREE Legos?

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    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Did someone really ask this question?.

    3. legotom


      Seriously...like if it was that easy.....don't you think we would all be getting free bricks?

      And if I was getting free brick....I'm certainly not telling anyone my secrets...that would mean less free brick for me!

    4. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Go on Tom e mail me your secrets....

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