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  1. DC911 Police Interceptor

    DC911 Custom Emergency Vehicles

    The DC911 Police Interceptor was designed for law enforcement agencies requiring a vehicle capable of excelling in a multi-role mission. Multiple configurations and options available to tailor the vehicle to your department's specific needs. Whether it be the ruggedness necessitated by rural/off-road operations, efficiency desired for long operations during an officer's urban beat, or the pure performance required of highway patrol unit, the Interceptor fits the bill.


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  2. Airbus H135 (Medical Interior)

    H135 Light Twin Engine Helicopter

    EMS/Medevac Mission Configuration
    The H135 is the market leader in emergency medical services (EMS), and is available in a wide range of dedicated EMS interiors that provide operators with a choice of configurations, providing ample room for patient care. Its cabin volume allows for direct access to the patient in the event of emergencies, such as the need to administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Furthermore, the aircraft and its EMS cabin layouts meet the highest standards in patient care, like those required by the European EN13718.
    Source: Airbus


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  3. Lenco BEAR - Armored Vehicle

    The Lenco BEAR is ideally suited for long range troop transport missions and base perimeter patrol and security. The large, open floor plan and custom bench seating can accommodate 16-18 fully equipped troops with weapons and gear. The large double rear doors and additional side cargo doors allow for easy entry or egress, as well as rapid deployment. The rotating roof hatch and optional Gunner Protection Kit can accommodate weapons mounts for an M249, Mk19, M2 .50 Cal and additional weapons as necessary. Further, the BEAR can be configured to adapt a Remote Weapons Station (RWS). Full C4ISR, Blast protection and B-kits available based on requirements.
    Steel Armor Construction with optional B-Kit & Blast protection Large open floor plan and bench seating for 16-18 troops with gear Long Range Troop Transport or Base Security Gunner Protection Kit with mounts for M249, Mk19, M2 .50 Cal Full integration of Remote Weapons Stations (RWS) for Counter-Assault Interior configuration for MedEvac, Engineer & Command Source: Lenco Armored Vehicles


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