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    Hey folks, I hope this message finds you well. I've been using a more hands-off approach and letting this community sort of steer itself without much guidance lately and I'm happy to see that, overall, it seems to be working. In recent years, Facebook groups and social media has reduced the frequency of forum visits by users as a whole, and that is true here as well. That being said, I still strongly feel there is something to be said for a dedicated platform that keeps things shared and easily accessible all in one place for niche communities like ours. Despite the slumps, we maintain an active user base and so long as that is the case I will continue to support you guys. Which brings me to the point of this posting. It has been quite some time since the last site overhaul/ update, and I am seeking suggestions for anything you folks would like to see altered around here. The forum structure hasn't changed much, are there any forums you'd like to have added? Are there forums you think we should cut? How are the galleries serving you? How about clubs? Do you like the current site design or would you rather something else with different colors? Please share your feedback and wish list, though I can't promise I can make everyone happy, I will do my best to implement improvements to enhance the experience here as much as I can. Thanks guys, hope you find yourselves having a nice summer.
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    @Joshua B, thanks a lot for stepping in but it's okay how it is because it has only minor similarities to my original Explorer design. This is a six wide, waaaay larger and doesn't look like my own five wide and much smaller one. Appreciate your action very much but it's fine and no credit necessary. @Rescue 423, good start so far and cool to see a completely selfdesigned Explorer. So far so good. Wheels and tires of all kinds are available on stud.io. The rims are available under "wheel" and the tires are available under "tire & tread". That's it No credit necessary for the taillights and I highly recomment using the bigger speed champions wheels + tires. The city wheels are way too small.
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