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    I've been planning out my fleet in the last couple of months. I got s big change. I'm going to have 2 depts instead of one. The big and main one will be brick valley fire rescue. A large dept covering brick county which is very rural. My second dept will be for the town I'm building and will be the Brick Elum Volunteer fire dept. And will be a replica of the Cle Elum vfd. I don't know when I will be back to building. I've been busy with school and am focusing most my time on my relationship (sorry. My GF is more important than lego). I hope to return soon! For now....enjoy these photos of cle elums real rigs!
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    If you can correctly guess the call sign (example: Ladder 3) of this rig I’ll make this my scheme 😬 although y’all can’t even see the color scheme in this pic anyway 😂 Unfortunately I’ve been busy lately with truck maintenance taking up most my free time and money, but I do have a few new things coming (pretty much I just need to chevron about 5 rigs haha). Some ARFF, SOC, and MERCY EMS is what the schedule’s looking like 😏
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    This is how it started (originally as Squad 2)... And this is how it ended... @Rylie D @Michael P. @TheRealCC
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    I am getting to a point where I am happy enough with my Expedition design(in terms of looks and strength). I think when I go home on thanksgiving break I will find all the pieces I can, then put in a bricklink order for the ones I cant find. After that, I will finally have a battalion for the first time in...a long time. Once that is done, I will work with Brickstuff to design a custom lighting setup for it. should be cool! Other news includes: The North District getting a second Truck Company. It will be a Pierce (might me my first Arrow XT design ). Oh and just for fun, I have been doing little adjustments to my Ferrara truck:
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    To chevron or not to chevron....
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