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  3. From the album: Brick valley fire rescue

    engine 1 is a 2020 spartan gladiator s-180 pumper. Credit for front goes to Joshua B.
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  4. From the album: San Brickardo Police Department (SBPD)

    After quite a while of work (and even more time spent trying to render this thing!) in finally able to present to you a brand new (digital) build! This building (The Old Metropolitan Times Building) is the official office of the Internal Affairs branch of the San Brickardo Police Department. You may ask why the Internal Affairs branch has its own large office instead of being housed in HQ? The IA Branch has its own office away from other police facilities so that a civilian walking in with a complaint has no chance of seeing the officer they are complaining against while trying to report them. The first floor holds a private business (a bike shop) while the second floor has the bullpen, evidence locker, interview and observation room as well as receptionist desk. The third floor has the captains office, surveillance room and briefing room. The building is also equipped with a fire escape system and the roof hosts the capability to do press briefings and has a surveillance drone launching pad/storage area. More detailed pics located here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSKjI8vANa5/ Aside from the Crown Vics being @ Josh s the build is entirely custom.

    © Rescue 423 2021

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  5. From the album: Brick valley fire rescue

    engine 2 is a 2010 pierce arrow xt this truck is stationed in town so It has a short bumper and a short wheelbase. This truck features a drop down ladder rack and an in-cab medical cabinet inspired by colfax wa fire depts engine 1
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  6. From the album: Project True North

    Winnipeg Engine 8 is a 2020 Pierce impel 7010 with a 1250 GPM pump, 500 gallons of water, and 20 gallons of foam. This truck was originally leased with 4 other Pierce demo trucks after almost all 14 (new-ish) trucks from an unnamed local fire truck manufacture broke at the same time in late 2019 and the department ran out of spare trucks so an emergency bid was placed for 4 trucks. this truck along with 2 other impels and an enforcer were delivered. this year when the new custom trucks arrived the department purchased all 4 leased trucks to bring the number of new pumpers to 14. Credit for the pump panel goes to @ Michael P
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  9. From the album: Sarcity's digital Prototypes

    Second version of my Sterling Acterra prototype. id like to thank @ studridgeareafire (https://www.instagram.com/studridgeareafire/) for helping refine the front end. i think this is a large improvement and a lot more realistic then my first prototype but ill still play around with it.
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  11. From the album: Project True North

    Project True North part 8/29, Winnipeg Station 8. L to R, Engine 8, Rescue 8. Station 8 is located in the northeast of the city. Station 8 is constantly busy with not only responding to calls in their first due but Rescue 8 responds city-wide for water rescues, tech rescues, brush fires, and large fires since it carries the drone.
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  12. From the album: Project True North

    Rehab 7 is a 1984 GMC 6000 with a shop's built body. This originally served as a mobile command unit and was originally in an all-white color scheme. This unit responds to large, extended operations and provides drinks, snacks, facilities, as well as equipment for preventing heat-related injuries to firefighters. an interesting feature about this unit is that it is fueled by propane making it the only truck in the fleet to ever be. this is cross-staffed by Engine 7 and responds cold to all calls. due to its age and condition its seldom brought out and is unable to with stand the -40 C temperatures here in winter and will be replaced in the next few years. This truck was repainted in the new colour scheme in 2012 along with engine 26 to test out the new colours. Credit to @woozy_fire_mocs on Instagram for the front portion.
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