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    New Side Department: I will be starting a new side department. This agency is a merger between 6 fire/rescue departments, a fire department, and an ambulance agency. The department will have 3 4-station battalions and 1 3-station battalion. There will be 2 divisions - Division 1 (Battalions 1 & 4) and Division 2 (Battalions 2 & 3). Each Division will have a Division Chief that will respond to calls when both battalions in their division are called to the same alarm. Each battalion will have a Battalion Headquarters, training facility and minor maintenance facility (oil changes on apparatus, fixing SCBAs and such, except for the First Battalion). Each Battalion has a Battalion Chief, Chief Mechanic, and EMS Chief. The First Battalion will have the Department Headquarters, the major repair shop, and miscellaneous storage facilities. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions are each on the waterfront, and as such will have a combination of boats and water rescue apparatus in addition to the regular units. The 1st and 4th are both landlocked, and will run the typical units.
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    As you may have noticed in my latest rigs, I'm kinda slowly and unofficially moving towards a new color scheme of red and black. IMO they go together a lot better then my previous schemes. I might not make it department wide, idk. I had an idea that maybe only wildland apparatus or the rigs from the second battalion would have it.
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    Orders placed for a third FIREWALKER ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Big anouncment. New fleet is coming. I am rebuilding Paletobayfire into a new fleet. The fleet will either be a small town fire dept or a small washington state coastal beach town fire dept. The new fleet will have rigs from a mix of manufacturers. Along with the fleet I'm designing a new town and police dept too.
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    More decisions.... Saber rescue pumper, Enforcer RMA, or Enforcer TDA? The only thing that's stopping me from the tiller is that I like the Saber chassis and they don't make Saber tillers ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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    New fleet profile featuring Tim J! View this and more at https://legofirecommunityblog.weebly.com/fleet-profiles
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    Anyone looking to sign Mutual Aid contracts?
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    New interview featuring Ray S. View this and more at https://legofirecommunityblog.weebly.com/
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    Make sure to check out the BVFC website: https://brickportfireco.weebly.com/ Take a look around, under the more tab you can find all the side departments I am working on.
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    I remembered my login lol its been forever since I've been over here.
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    Unfortunately due to a wind change the wildland fire is currently threatening a housing development just outside Lego city. LCPF is evacuating the area but we need some more mutual aid. We need 1 brush truck, 2 engines, and a battalion chief vehicle to defend the housing development from the fire. Lego City Fire Brigade sends its thanks to Algonquin Fire Department for a quick response to our mutual aid request. If your department is responding please respond to this status update with your department name, and the name/number of unit you can provide.
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    New fleet and town decided. The new fleet and town will be a small farming country town. The new fire dept will a career/volunteer dept. The town will receive policing from the sherriff. The new name for the town will be Brick elum. Right now my family is building a vacation house in cle elum wa. I've been over there many times and I love the small town feel and I want to incorporate that into my town and fire dept and sheriff.
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    I'm thinking of scrapping this rig for something else. Question is, Should it be an ESU for LCSD, ambulance for MERCY EMS, or rescue for MERCY EMS?
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    Major Changes Coming Soon (Mostly just for my fire brigade) I modified the current Engine 5 (for hopefully the last time ๐Ÿคฃ) and I think I'm happy with how it looks. Also Battalion 1 went through some interior changes and just got out of the shop (will post pictures soon), now its a lot more realistic. The Lego City Ambulance Service has recently been integrated into the Lego City Fir Brigade meaning that ambulances will now respond alongside fire trucks in certain stations. One station getting these changes is station 5, with the current rescue 1 going out of service today in order to be re-built into engine 3, which will be staffed in the new station 3 alongside utility 2 and 3. Taking its place in station 5 will be Medic 5, a new Mercedes Benz sprinter ambulance, which is keeping its old "Lego City Ambulance Service" paint job. I want station 3 to be able to fit in a 16x32 sized base plate. If anyone has suggestions for the station design feel free to comment below. Any help would be really appreciated.
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    I've got a bit of a desision to make. I'm going to build a few trucks for paleto bay and then I will build a county fd that will be replacated off of a real county. The decision is which county. Should I do Orange county fire authority or los Angeles county fire dept. Which one?
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    wishing I could build some more rigs IRL. Don't have the pieces...and ordering the pieces for ONE of my planned tower trucks would cost over 100 dollars.
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    Tried to send you a PM but it said your messenger is disabled? I'd appreciate if you could look into that a little more and send my a PM if you could.
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    Purely out of curiosity - who else on here is a firefighter/EMT/medic? Who is just a builder?
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    Soooooo I think I'm gonna restructure my department over the summer. That will involve several rigs being rebuilt, a new color scheme, and possibly new call signs for some rigs. The new color scheme will ditch the old black undertone I had on my rigs before, replacing it with a yellow stripe with a black stripe higher up on the rig. So pretty much the scheme I had on Station 2's rigs and a few others (see Truck 2, Engine 2, Engine 5) with out the undertone. Engine 1, Squad 1, Rescue 1, Brush 2, Brush 202, Wildland 3, and HazMat 1 (which I have not posted yet) will will all get major revamps or rebuilds, and all of them will get updated a bit and changed to the new scheme.
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    Thinking of a new side department. It's going to be industrial - well, kind of. Basically it will be a fire brigade (meaning the FFs do other non-FD-related jobs unless there is an emergency) that protects a massive industrial farm. They will operate several brush trucks for the fields, a few structural engines, a few tankers, one tower ladder and one tech rescue unit (in case of grain bin emergencies). All of the engines will carry foam due to the farm equipment storage garages on the property. What does everyone think about this?
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    At long last, the second special is here! Special thanks to all the folks who submitted their creations! View this and more at https://legofirecommunityblog.weebly.com/special-featurettes
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    I have spent a lot (probably too much) time this weekend remaking a lego city police force inciden response vehicle with all new stickers. Once I refresh my supplies I am thinking of re-doing my whole fleet. Pics will be on here and on the website ( https://legocitypoliceforce.weebly.com) verry soon. I have also changed the rooftop ID system my force was using to a more realistic version. I will do a comparison (as a status update) as soon as possible.
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    Such a rubbish lego builder... Haven't touched a brick in ages. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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