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    I remembered my login lol its been forever since I've been over here.
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    Soooooo I think I'm gonna restructure my department over the summer. That will involve several rigs being rebuilt, a new color scheme, and possibly new call signs for some rigs. The new color scheme will ditch the old black undertone I had on my rigs before, replacing it with a yellow stripe with a black stripe higher up on the rig. So pretty much the scheme I had on Station 2's rigs and a few others (see Truck 2, Engine 2, Engine 5) with out the undertone. Engine 1, Squad 1, Rescue 1, Brush 2, Brush 202, Wildland 3, and HazMat 1 (which I have not posted yet) will will all get major revamps or rebuilds, and all of them will get updated a bit and changed to the new scheme.
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