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    hi guys and girls welcome to my lego mocs called baybrick county baybrick rural and baybrick airport i do hope you like my models alot of them have been created from help of other moc builders and credit is shown with the models theve helped on hope you guys like please comment on models as all feedback goes towards future builds and designs etc im not keen on ldd /stud,io models i like to see them in real brick as you can change and adjust things with real bricks take care and keep building and showing them models all the best calvin
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    Prime movers, Airplanes, Ambulances, Wildland trucks, Public Info officers. Looks like Studdsville will not wind down anytime soon, maybe Mercury County Fire/Rescue will find its way in between.
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    You know you are an emergency vehicle fan when most of your bricks are red and you hoard 1x1 transparent red/white bricks like no tomorrow.
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    Finally got some time to pull out the bricks again! I've got 10 days off from college so hopefully I can put something together so Mike isn't hogging all the gallery glory! ? Lol I've also been remind that my collection is extremely unorganized, so I have a side project now as well.
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    Been a while since I was here last. My CVPI has gotten in the way of Legos, I'm currently shooting for the most hated Vic owner ever https://www.instagram.com/p/BKZbKFjDZWU/
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    PGFD has suffered a tragic loss, with our first LODD since I have been a member, with another of my brothers still critical from gunshot wounds. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
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    Soooooo I think I'm gonna restructure my department over the summer. That will involve several rigs being rebuilt, a new color scheme, and possibly new call signs for some rigs. The new color scheme will ditch the old black undertone I had on my rigs before, replacing it with a yellow stripe with a black stripe higher up on the rig. So pretty much the scheme I had on Station 2's rigs and a few others (see Truck 2, Engine 2, Engine 5) with out the undertone. Engine 1, Squad 1, Rescue 1, Brush 2, Brush 202, Wildland 3, and HazMat 1 (which I have not posted yet) will will all get major revamps or rebuilds, and all of them will get updated a bit and changed to the new scheme.
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    More photos of the new Hazmat 1 can be found here: https://castlebeachfd.weebly.com/station-1.html
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    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year I hope Santa brings a few set's.
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    New blog post featuring OceanBrickFire! View this and more at https://legofirecommunityblog.weebly.com/
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    So good to be able to build once again!
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    When you discover the limitless possibilities of compartment configuration 😍
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    Sorry it's a day late, but Happy Birthday, Sven!
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    Happy Birthday my friend, have a great day!
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    Finally on Emergency Bricks!!!
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    New blog post featuring the one and only Bob K!! View this and more at https://legofirecommunityblog.weebly.com
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    Let's kick some life back to this page! *warms up the defibrilator paddles*
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    Major structure fire kicking off the night at a local apartment complex. Currently the fire is a third alarm with mutual aid on scene. Reports of people trapped on the second floor, Rescues in progress. OPFD Ladder 19, Rescue 19, Deputy 19 and Chief 19, CCFR Batt. 1 and Batt. 2, Deputy 1 Engines 14, 15, 17, 18, 22, Rescues 15, 17, 18, 22, Ladder 26, Air 14 and 22. JFRD Batt. 4 and Safety 2 Engines 23, 25, 26, 31, 52 Tankers 31 and 52, Rescues 25, 31A, 52, Brush 31, Ladders 31 and 26. CCSO, OPPD, JSO and FHP on scene to assist as well. JFRD Rehab 37 also likely to respond. Crews from Starke, Putnam County, St. John’s County and NAS jax moving to cover stations for clay and Jacksonville.
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    Keep in mind tonight and likely through the holidays, the brave men and women from dozens of SoCal fire departments are battling intense wildfires across SoCal. They do not falter, they do not waver, they continue to fight to protect hundreds of thousands of people and their homes this holiday season, and likely will not return home for Christmas. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers brothers.
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    Just sittin' here waiting on Irma, eating way to much of the hurricane food. Stay safe my Florida peeps!
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    New things coming in the future! The Brick Village Emergency (my company) Quick Response Tanker (QRT), my giant*** rescue, '92 Dash engine, and major updates to my tower ladder (changed look of outriggers, made 'em functional, made elevators work, etc.). Expect these to come within the next week!
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    Well, it's been steady progress on my build but nothing photo worthy just yet. Really need to organize my collection though, spent way to much time digging through parts. On another note, it seems like the city was going crazy today, 2 officers shot, a barricaded subject in a near by gas station, my neighbor was in a car accident and the store next to my work had an attempted robbery. What the heck is going on?
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    Anyone else hear about Philly ordering 3 new tillers from Pierce?
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    Working on a Pierce Lance...hopefully I have enough parts. Updates to come.
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    Mack CF and Pierce Quantum updates in the gallery!
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    CCFR's new ladder in my district- https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/piercemfg/31860689783/
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    I never chose the rescue life, the rescue life chose me.
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    Not sure if anyone watched the Jags v. Packers game but the tributes put in for this faithful day were very touching and inspiring. JFRD Ladders 10 and 30 (New enforcers) made up the arch with a large flag over the main entrance to the stadium, a huge flag was held out over the field for opening ceremonies and fighter jets from National Airguard Base Jax preformed the fly over. The city also has two massive light arrangements that form two beams (much like the 9/11 memorial) into the sky that will be lit the rest of the weekend. It's times like these I am proud to live in the great city of Jacksonville. We honor the fallen and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on this nation's darkest day. 2,977 lives would be lost and many families broken and a nation truly devastated. 343 Firefighters and 70 Law Enforcement Officers would make the ultimate sacrifice, despite overwhelming odds to save those that could never be saved. They did not quit, they did not faulter, they fought to save lives with no regard to their own safety. They say there is no such thing as superheroes, but those that acted on this day are truly heroes to this nation and for that we thank them by never forgetting them. 9-11-01/9-11-12 343 70 4 Never Forgotten, Forever Remembered
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    Finished Engine 105 out of spare parts that I apparently had! Still awaiting bricks for the other 5 new apparatus!
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    On the lighter side of news lately, I received my acceptance letter for the EMT program! Finally getting started on my career education!
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    http://emergencybricks.com/gallery/image/11685-big-red/ <--- New truck
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    Going to be taking some 2015 fleet shots pictures soon! Stay tuned!
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    Forgot to mention this last week, I got promoted to Captain of my explorer post. Already have my first big project, preparing for the explorer competition in February.
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    To see my new tiller truck go to scootyjones21 on instagram, then tell me on this website if you followed me for a follow back
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    Been awhile...thought I would stop by. So what is new around here?
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    MUTUAL AID PARTNERS WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brick Village Fire-Rescue is looking for mutual aid partners. Apply now on our website or Facebook page! www.brickvillagefd.weebly.com https://www.facebook.com/brickvfr/?fref=ts
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    Hey my friends, i'm still alive and i miss you all. Would be more often active here but the shoutbox is driving me crazy on my ipad. And because of that i would have to sit on my computer but this is not possible from my bed where i am at this time. Sorry guys. I'll try to be here at the weekend. See ya and take care Warmest regards from Germany, Sven
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    The official site of the Bricklington County Fire Department has launched! Features of the site include; the response structure for the BCFD, apparatus photo's, an exclusive picture of Truck 101's new tiller, and news about plans for new rigs. Check it out: http://bricklingtoncountyfire.weebly.com
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    Clay County Fire and Rescue responded to a hazmat incident at a gas station. Dispatch reported a large amount of fuel was spilt from a vehicle that was left unattended by the owner. CCFR Engine 22, Rescue 22 and Hazmat 22 are on scene working the clean up.
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    Going crazy waiting for the set I am using for the base of my new firetruck. After working on ambi's for such a long time I am exited for a change of pace.
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    Brand new Engine 4 was placed in service yesterday. https://www.flickr.com/photos/93911391@N03/19757294320/in/photostream
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    Going to start building an Aerialscope for Truck Co. 1
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    Ah ha! Finally got the cover photo to work! And yes, that is my CVPI
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    wasn't on for a while , glad to be back!
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    Welp, one of my BL packages seems to have disappeared. Greaaat
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    as some of you might have noticed already i have been very inactive since saturday. my grandma sadly passed away that day. i will stay inactive until at least coming tuesday.
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