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    Chevron time! I'm going all out with decals on this new rig, so keep an eye out for it!
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    Lots of new stuff is on the way 😏
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    The guys at Columbus Fire Department Station 24 are in for a treat 😏
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    The Spartan is taking shape!
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    Reserve Engine 2 WIP
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    When that one LED just won't work.... 😤
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    Big things are coming 😏
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    Thoughts on this 2003 American La France tower ladder? Should I switch to a midmount or keep working on this version? Credit to Braun County DPS for the ALF front
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    Guess what arrived today? The bricklink order I needed. Now I can get back to building. Also I'm on Instagram now. My username is rylie_d_04 I don't have anything on there yet.
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    Think I should add chevrons to this or leave it? It looks pretty sharp already
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    Doing a little research on Columbus Fire Department has me absolutely digging their old ALF tillers.... I might just have to build one for Truck 1 now 😂 Photo is not mine, I have no idea who's it is 😂
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    Some day this will be Truck 2
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    Should a bring back a Spartan? Maybe as Engine 4 (which is currently the last of my Pierce/Freightliner FXP's still in my fleet)? I'm also thinking of moving Engine 5 (the E-One Cyclone) to reserve status. Even though I built it only a few months a go, my style has really changed a lot and it's kinda outta place in my fleet. The reserve pumper I'm working on is turning out a lot better then I thought it would so I might switch it with the E-one.
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    Okay I have an idea and I don't know if I will do it or not. I'm thinking instead of having ambulance that are part of the fire dept Of have a volunteer rescue squad that would consist of a couple of ambulances, a rescue and a ems superviser. On an ems call if the fire dept is closer they will respond and give medical help since all firefighters are paramedics. The fire dept would provide ems but will not transport. Then when the rescue squad shows up they would take over and transport the patient. Should ambulances be ran by the fire dept or should I have a volunteer rescue squad?
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    Spoiler alert 😏 MOV_20200730_1434213.mp4
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    Update on the rigs. The ladder truck is done. Ill post it after I put decals on it. I'm working on the 2nd engine out of what I'm hoping to build 5 engines. This second engine is a Spartan S80 pumper. I do need to order some more pieces so some rigs might be delayed.
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    Little update. Engine 1 got a new back bumper design. Ill post it and you can see if you like this version or the old version. Also I've updated my "about me" thing in my profile. Go check it out since it shares the backround about the town name and the fire depts name.
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    Sneak peak at the new fleet of Type 3s 🤘
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    Update on what's going on! The red tiles finally came so I can start building fire apparatus in the new colorsheme. Will start building the new rigs Tommorow.
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    A little update on what's going on with the new fleet and town. In a few days I will start building the new rigs for Brick Valley Fire Rescue. I'm waiting on a bricklink order I made a few days ago which has lots of parts since the trucks will have a new colorsheme which I won't reveal until I show the new rigs off
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    Decals, decals, decals. Keep an eye out for some new rigs!
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    Anybody else think this is a little too much? 😂
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    If anybody has some interesting call ideas for my police force or fire brigade please list them below! I am getting so bored of running the same station on medical calls. Thanks!
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    Algonquin Fire Department has broken ground today on the new Station 3! As the district around the station grows and the number of calls increase, the department is taking steps to match those needs with new apparatus and an improved building.
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