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    @Joshua B, thanks a lot for stepping in but it's okay how it is because it has only minor similarities to my original Explorer design. This is a six wide, waaaay larger and doesn't look like my own five wide and much smaller one. Appreciate your action very much but it's fine and no credit necessary. @Rescue 423, good start so far and cool to see a completely selfdesigned Explorer. So far so good. Wheels and tires of all kinds are available on stud.io. The rims are available under "wheel" and the tires are available under "tire & tread". That's it No credit necessary for the taillights and I highly recomment using the bigger speed champions wheels + tires. The city wheels are way too small.
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    I think Sven would appreciate more credit then simply "from the very popular 5 wide Ford explorer design".
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    I would vote for a Dodge Charger, but I guess that isn't an option... XD
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    Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely give the speed champion wheels a go.
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    I had just seen it recreated by so many people I wasn't sure if his was the original. I just changed the "credit" section in the blog, see above.
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    You knew that Sven created the Explorer design, right? Then why would you assume that the tail-lights are someone elses? even if they were Sven would have made it clear that they were.
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    Yeah I wanted to give him more but I am not sure where the design originated from, was it Sven? If so then: The 2 tail lights are from Sven's design.
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