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  1. From the album: City of Algonquin

    Got to playing around with my layout and needed a welding rig, so I whipped one up quick using @ Michael P 4th gen cab. For those who don’t know, a welding rig is essentially everything a welder could need on a truck.
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  2. From the album: Joshua B's Misc

    As you probably all know I got into 1/64 diecast modeling which kind of took over as my main hobby, but at least I haven't lost interest in fire trucks haha! The other @ Josh and I have been working together on these 1/64 3D printed Skeeter Brush truck bodys for several weeks now, and I finally finished the first truck to use one! It's painted up in the Brickford colors, and also uses truck steps and a Ford bumper we made. Just wait till he does his magic with LEDs! (which will be a long wait... XP)
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  4. Great little truck!
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