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    Decals, decals, decals. Keep an eye out for some new rigs!
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    Cool LEGO city layout designer if anyone is interested: https://bluebrick.lswproject.com/ Example of South district plans I made:
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    Just finalized my plan for the future with my department. When I'm done it should have the following stations covering the following areas with the following apparatus: Station 1 (Brickston, North Lego City) Engine 1, Medic 1, Dive-Rescue 1, Medic Supervisor , and a rescue helicopter Station 3 (South Lego City, Ninjago town) Engine 3 Station 5 (North Lego City, Downtown) Engine 5, Medic 5, Battalion 1 Station 7 (Studwood County, Lego City International Airport) Engine 7, Battalion 2, Airport 1, Airport 2, Utility 7, Brush 7, Tanker 1, Tanker 2
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