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    Cool LEGO city layout designer if anyone is interested: https://bluebrick.lswproject.com/ Example of South district plans I made:
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    New Side Department: I will be starting a new side department. This agency is a merger between 6 fire/rescue departments, a fire department, and an ambulance agency. The department will have 3 4-station battalions and 1 3-station battalion. There will be 2 divisions - Division 1 (Battalions 1 & 4) and Division 2 (Battalions 2 & 3). Each Division will have a Division Chief that will respond to calls when both battalions in their division are called to the same alarm. Each battalion will have a Battalion Headquarters, training facility and minor maintenance facility (oil changes on apparatus, fixing SCBAs and such, except for the First Battalion). Each Battalion has a Battalion Chief, Chief Mechanic, and EMS Chief. The First Battalion will have the Department Headquarters, the major repair shop, and miscellaneous storage facilities. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions are each on the waterfront, and as such will have a combination of boats and water rescue apparatus in addition to the regular units. The 1st and 4th are both landlocked, and will run the typical units.
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    As you may have noticed in my latest rigs, I'm kinda slowly and unofficially moving towards a new color scheme of red and black. IMO they go together a lot better then my previous schemes. I might not make it department wide, idk. I had an idea that maybe only wildland apparatus or the rigs from the second battalion would have it.
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    Orders placed for a third FIREWALKER ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Big anouncment. New fleet is coming. I am rebuilding Paletobayfire into a new fleet. The fleet will either be a small town fire dept or a small washington state coastal beach town fire dept. The new fleet will have rigs from a mix of manufacturers. Along with the fleet I'm designing a new town and police dept too.
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    Little update on what's going on with the new fleet and town. Right now I'm working on the town. The table is all built and today I have some baseplates coming in the mail that should arrive today. I've built a second 5 wide police ford explorer but I need to get the black SC rims so when I get those I will post it. This week I should start building the city and when that is done I will start building the fire trucks.
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    So far, so good. I didn't realize how beastly midmounts are until now ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Thanks! the whole incident was inspired by the latest South Metro Fire rescue Video
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    Nice map! Glad we could help!
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    Unfortunately due to a wind change the wildland fire is currently threatening a housing development just outside Lego city. LCPF is evacuating the area but we need some more mutual aid. We need 1 brush truck, 2 engines, and a battalion chief vehicle to defend the housing development from the fire. Lego City Fire Brigade sends its thanks to Algonquin Fire Department for a quick response to our mutual aid request. If your department is responding please respond to this status update with your department name, and the name/number of unit you can provide.
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    New fleet and town decided. The new fleet and town will be a small farming country town. The new fire dept will a career/volunteer dept. The town will receive policing from the sherriff. The new name for the town will be Brick elum. Right now my family is building a vacation house in cle elum wa. I've been over there many times and I love the small town feel and I want to incorporate that into my town and fire dept and sheriff.
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    I'm thinking of scrapping this rig for something else. Question is, Should it be an ESU for LCSD, ambulance for MERCY EMS, or rescue for MERCY EMS?
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