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    Looking back through some old pics, I realized how drastically better my pumps have become. Pumps used to be the worst part of every rig for me, I absolutely dreaded them because I was so bad at them. I may not be as good as guys like CC and Michael, but I'm now very comfortable building them, and have definitely improved. Below is a bit of comparison between one of my earliest pumps and one of my current ones. Of course, I could not have come this far if it hadn't been for techniques from @TheRealCC and @Michael P., and for @Sven encouraging me to try new things.
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    Exactly 1 year ago today I joined Emergency Bricks. The day after I posted this piece of junk Although I still have a long way to go, I dare say I've come a long way. Huge thanks to @Michael P., @Sven, @Ed O, @Josh, @Rylie D, @Rescue 423, Peter B, and many others for all their help and encouragement. Later today I will post my most detailed rig yet, the new Squad 2, so stayed tuned!
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    Hey. So...A little change for my dept. I've decided to go for a volunteer dept. There isn't to many volunteer depts in the LFC. My depts name will stay the same as this volunteer dept will serve brick county. Brick Elum is the only town in the county but there are some uncorporated communities in the county. The fleet will start out with 4 engines, a ladder truck, a rescue, a tanker, 2 medics, reserve engine and a brush truck. The only units built so far is 2 engines which I've already showed and a ladder truck which will be rebuilt. Eventually when I have more fire apparatus added to the fleet in the future the dept will change to a career/volunteer dept. Ill give you guys a sneak peak of one of the planned rigs😉
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    Squad 2 is pictured here after a cliff rescue in the northwestern part of the department's coverage, near Lake Laramie. Tower 4 was able to lower the maneuverable Ascendant midmount aerial partway into the canyon to access the patient while Brush 4 and Wildland 4 assisted from the canyon floor. Few pictures were taken, since the trees and dense brush made visibility difficult.
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    Edited pic of Squad 2 testing Code 3 lighting
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    AFD, LCSD, and multiple units from M/A departments are currently on scene of massive fire sweeping through downtown. The fire has been raging for 3 hours so far, occupying 4 buildings and threatening more. 3 civilian fatalities have already been accounted for, and 2 firefighters nearly lost their lives when a structure collapsed and they were trapped. Fortunately they were rescued by members of PVFD with one in critical condition and the other suffering from a leg injury. More information and photos of the blaze to follow.
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    @Rescue 423gave me the idea to make a callsign chart. A copy is now on my contact/about section on my website...it is also right here:
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    lol. I just uploaded the new station to Bricklink Wanted list... $280 USD and that was building everything in the cheapest version of bricks possible. I'll be a 40 year old before I have the income to build up my whole city lol. My plan now I guess is just finish the South District and make it super detailed (add better sidewalks, get better tables, get the rest of the road plates, add LED lights to all buildings and lampposts, actually finish my fire fleet, etc).
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    When that decal is just a couple millimeters too long 😂
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    Looks like the new rig got taken along on a road trip....
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    Headlights in the bumper? I wonder what this could mean....
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    So....School😞. So for now on all my building will take place on Wednesdays and weekends. I have classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:45 to 3:05. After a long day of staring at a screen I'm tired and I'm not in the mood to build. So Mocs will be slow moving.
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    Quite a color scheme here 😂 I love this Army rig too, I might just have to build something similar!
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    Sorry for the delay in getting the MARS rigs up, I ended up taking the decals off and haven't had the chance to make new ones.
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    You guys seem interested, so here is my Go-Kart Brush Truck CAD Model. It is a little bigger than a Golf Cart. I have a High-school robotics background (My specialty was electronics and Code...I was the lead programmer my senior year) so I decided to give Go-Kart design a go.
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    Not really lego, but I am currently CAD designing a GoKart that looks like a brush truck. Probably not gonna build it IRL for a few years because I have not welded anything before, money is a thing, etc... but hey it's a neat little project lol. If you want to see my progress, I can post them once and awhile on my status.
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    *sigh* VID_359780527_032337_952.mp4
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    I have space for 1 building in a row of 3 that I recently found space for, its a corner build. Any suggestion welcome! Keep in mind my lack of parts...
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    Hey gang, I think I will change to the new plate system. I want to make my city like Boston (more specifically the cozy, welcoming roads and architecture), and the first step for me is narrow roads, the new system (if the leaks are true) will allow me to do that. Stay tuned for a new post!
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    New road plate designs...They are growing on me not gonna lie. Hey, if they release a 16x32 and a 32x32 version of the standard plate...I would be so down. Future modular buildings are (apparently) going to include these roads and they will match this new system (as in not built on classic skinny baseplates) still not sure if I will convert over to it or not. this system might make a centralized city-wide lighting system more feasible...you could hide all the wires under plates and stuff and they go to a smart plug or something so you can switch the whole city on and off.
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    Centennial Tower progress update, it will be partial offices partial apartments. Thoughts?
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    I'm trying to replicate this truck. What should I do to the lego rig above to achieve the look of the real rig
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    Flashback to when I had a lot more time and a lot less skill... and a little comparison with Station 2’s most recent apparatus. This is the second generation of Engine 2, IMO the first generation was better but I have no pics of it.
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    Shown below is an aerial snapshot of Squad 2 at yesterday’s cliff rescue.
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    Station 1 is the station you guys see in all my pictures, working on station 2, what do you guys think so far? (battalion 100 and my seagrave tiller (124) will be stationed here) going to try and make it so the front gates slide up and down, we will see how that goes I guess...My goal here was to mix the historic Boston Station arch-way style with a modern look.
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    Officially dedicating Truck 134 in memory of 9/11. This is the first and only company to have their own company patch design.
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    Not so lego related but I wanted to show you guys the smoke from a wildfire on the east part of Washington state. God bless are you firefighters battling the blaze.
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    I got my first modular building from the Lego store!
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    Evening folks, made a skunkworks blog for all my prototypes. http://sbfd.weebly.com/brickford-city-skunkworks ALSO: New build lol. ^
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    When your head is teeming with ideas for 5-wide large commercial cabs but you have no access to bricks or LDD 😭😭😭
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    Members of the Algonquin Fire Department travelled to the Pierce facility this weekend to perform final inspection of Squad 2. While there, members also viewed progress on the new Engine 2.
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    Good morning! Made a few changes to Trucks 134 and 350. Michael P. suggested I add a second set of outriggers to the rear of the two Ferrara platforms, so I gave it a try, and I really like how it turned out! These can also be extended.
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    Any ideas on how to do a ford cab like this? The one in between the engine and rescue
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    Whatcha think, should I update this to the new larger wheels I use now or leave it?
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    OK...Changing North Brickford City's scheme. stay tuned!
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    Hey everyone, Skunkworks blog is live! http://sbfd.weebly.com/brickford-city-skunkworks/first-official-skunkworks-blog-post
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    Okay. This is a rig I'm considering. Any ideas on how to do the front. I have an idea ill try out in the morning. Would love to hear some ideas
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    So...I've decided instead of having a rescue engine I would build a heavy rescue so the planned rescue engine will become the 3rd frontline pumper. There's a fourth planned but that will be a reserve pumper
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    Lego City Live CAD Includes calls & call-signs from: LCPF, BTP, LCFB, RNLI, LCHA Here it is! Links will be added to the LCPF and LCFB website soon! :https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z1xyczBBBIwDUnHq7GAvCqAcAceS6FZECZcZMuth9jQ/edit?usp=sharing Inspired by the Live CAD by: @Sarcityfd
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    Hey everybody! I'm considering setting up a club where literally all the members are just Mutual Aid for Lego City Fire Brigade, just so I can stay organized. So if it says "you were invited to a club" or whatever thats what it is. I should have it set up by this weekend, just though I'd let everyone know.
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    Thanks! I got it off http://modernbrickwarfare.com/about/ about a year ago now. Definitely a good purchase.
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    Today the LCPF Emergency Task Force (Basically the SWAT) did a training exercise in the administrative/living quarters section of Lego City Fire Brigade Station 5. The garage was converted into the living space (for the crew of station 5) and control room (for the training exercise). The LCPF did allow a couple of photographers to tag along and watch the guys at work. The goal was to tactically enter and clear the first and second floor in under 5 minutes. Gallery (Above) The view inside the repurposed garage where you can see the crews hanging around a common table. An overview of the layout. With the command station on the left, and some temporary offices for the chief/assistant chief on the right next to some exercise equipment. The ETF about to breach. The ETF advancing up the stairs. Station 5's apparatus, parked on the closed street outside the station. Left to right: Engine 5, Medic 5, Battalion 1. Station 5 only got one call whilst the training was in progress. It was for a Seizure. Here you can see Medic 5 responding. Other Stuff -I am still offering free interior detailing to trucks and stations you are building. For stations simply send me the .io file and list the rooms you want and for trucks send me the .io file and list of equipment you want/occupants you want in the cab.- Thanks for reading Never Forget (9/11)
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    I found some more pics of the rig. I plan on starting it soon but school is starting so we will see about that😉
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    New squarebody? Maaaaaybe 😉
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