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    Just put in my first ever bricklink order!
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    Hey guys! Here is my SkunkWorks design for a 1987 FMC/Spartan Engine. I have always loved these FMC trucks and was inspired to build one after seeing a picture of one in action in Winsted, CT I decided to build one myself. I am very pleased with how this turned out, and I hope you guys like it!
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    Started playing with PicsArt today and finally figured out how to do a grid, so I did a little throwback comparing my very first and my latest rigs.
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    Big time throwback to this brick of a rescue πŸ˜‚ Lets just say I have something coming that's gonna blow it outta the water so to speak haha
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    Its been exactly a year since I joined and I just wanted to thank everyone for all their compliments, tips and tricks to make me a better builder (although I'm still one of the worst ones on here lol). Special thanks to @Joshua B, @Sarcityfd, @Rylie D, @Sven, @Josh, @Michael P., and @Ed O. Not only has my building skills gotten better but my knowledge of firefighting in general has just about doubled in the last year. Here's to another year of amazing builds (and hopefully I can get more people back onto EB...)! One more thing: Lets try and get this magazine done by early December, so if you have an article please DM it to me, thanks!
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    Little scene I made, also added lights to the FMC. Question: Do you guys have any suggestions for me? Build wise, post wise, community wise?
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    Since nobody seems to believe that Spartans are best 7 wide..... THIS is what a Spartan should look like! Well kinda, still got some things to work out haha
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    found a few LEDs lying about so I put them in the new ambo with a fresh battery... they where so bright it threw my phone out of focus haha. PXL_20201130_191217848.mp4
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    Any tips on how to build a small town/rural lego layout?
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    Little EmergencyBricks exclusive sneak peak for you guys! I should mention that the deck gun and the angled intake valve where inspired by @Michael P.
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    So now I feel really inspired lol I have a mental picture of a rig in mind so I’m thinking if I scrap a couple of my older rigs and β€˜borrow’ from some WIP rigs I could build it without ordering any parts πŸ€” Just gotta find a bit of time to work on it instead of looking for ways to spend more money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh and btw, if it works out, it’s gonna be big. Like really big. Did somebody say #tillertuesday? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    why am I looking through the internet for a real steel 1987-88 FMC Spartan engine...
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    YOOOOOOOOOOOO. I just discovered something super cool! its an IRL fire department call sign system that is basically the same as mine! It is Newtown CT. OK so, the whole town has a "Hook and Ladder Co" these are the "100" call numbers. Then inside of that town there are a few sections with their own names. Dodgingtown which has the "200" numbers, Hawleyville which has 300, Sandy Hook which has the 400 and Botsford, which is 500. 100: http://nhlfd.com/apparatus-2/ 200: https://www.dodgingtownfire.com/gallery 300: https://hawleyvillefire.com/apparatus-2/ 400: http://sandyhookfire.com/apparatus.html 500: http://botsfordfirerescue.com/apparatus/ Here is the crazy part: I used to live there many many many years ago (like 10+) and I never knew this until now. They have some cool rigs too.
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    It was a tough decision but I decided to downsize a bit, I will only have one tower or tiller per district until further notice...that being said, I am only 2 trucks away from having my first fully completed fire fleet!!!! These would be Battalion 100 and Truck 124. Truck 124 will be breaking a few records for me. First, it will be the first IRL ladder truck for my department in 4+ years. Second, it will be my first tiller IRL ever, and third after battalion 100 is done, it will be completing one of my fire departments for the first time in history (not counting Brickford City EMS).
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    Check it out! the new road plates got revealed! They look pretty cool not gonna lie. If they add the option to purchase them via pick-a-brick that would be awesome!
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    Ok what do you guys think about this? A custom nozzle that can be attached to a shoelace. Some custom connections too maybe.
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    hey everyone! got another custom parts project for you! This time a ladder. this is to fill the void of the small ladders lego used to make.
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    Morning guys! Added some details to my tiller, thank you @Michael P. for the suggestions! I also added semi functioning outriggers because why not.
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    Here is an idea, I am going to put renders as a status update and then only post IRL builds. Anyway, here is my new tiller design. Any ideas for further details I could add? (note, I am going to put chevrons on the rear so I didn't bother to put a brick built blue stripe)
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    I've got good and bad news. Goodnews. The pieces I need came in! Bad news. I don't think I will be able to build a replica of cle elum volunteer fire department due to the fact I don't have to many parts to build rigs so I'd not have many bricks to build brick valley fire rescue with. I'm hoping I can eventually build one of my favorite depts!
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    Rest In Peace the Worcester 6
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    Got my bricklink order! smoothest online shopping I think I have ever experienced.
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    Spartan is interesting; very VERY interesting! Not only are they based in the same state as me, but they build tillers. Lots and lots of wonderful tillers! Not only do they build tillers, but they build tandem axle tillers. Not only that, but nobody builds them right. And besides that, there are hardly any built to begin with. Maybe I should change that. πŸ˜‚
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    I have a little something almost ready to release that I have been building over the weekend...its not an emergency vehicle in the typical sense, really hope you guys like it! it is the first thing I have built since getting home from college.
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    Aight folks! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen a good challenge in the community. So here’s one! Build a fire truck (engine, ladder, rescue, ambo, helicopter, etc.) using the minimum amount of parts possible! I wanna see how creative everyone can get with limited pieces. The grand prize winner will be featured on the LFC Blog! Requirements: Must be more than 5 bricks, but less than 50 pieces. (I will count a tire with its associated rim as 1 piece) A full breakdown of parts used must be presented to authenticate the creation. MOCs will be judged based on functionality and realism. Real bricks preferred, but digital creations can be submitted as well. Two submissions max per person. No tape, glue, or modded parts. Decals/stickers not necessary. Tag me and use the hashtag #CBFD2020Challenge to enter the contest Deadline is Dec. 12, 2020 at 11:59 PM
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    I didn't know that sellers left feedback on buyers pages, so I go on brick link today to work on sorting out pieces for my next few projects (I upload studio files to the wanted lists and I delete/change quantities as I find bricks). The seller left a note saying I was a fantastic customer and I don't know why but it made my day lol.
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    If you haven't already heard, the next Lego modular is a police station. I am super exited and will definitely be adding this to the Christmas list (although rumor has it the interior for the police station will be terrible). Although I'm looking forward to it, it means I will have to introduce divisions to the LCPF. My plan is too have two divisions (North- my current station and HQ, and South- the new modular), each with a captain in charge of it. In terms of units, the new modular will get an Incident Response Vehicle (IRV), Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) and Traffic motorbike. I also have plans to move the office of the Gang Crime Unit to this new station, it just depends how much space I have. I'll be revising my callsigns and ranks, to adjust for this change. If you have any advice for callsigns and ranks, please let me know.
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    I was able to design a diagonal road using the new system. Never been able to do this with base plates.
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    Guess what, I have created something! A custom Pike Pole for LEGO Minifigs. I will be prototyping this with a 3D printer later this year.
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    Ok, so I am trying to diversify the rest of my fleet a little more before I build them IRL. Currently I have a Pierce tiller, Seagrave tiller, Pierce RMA, and two Ferrara RMAs. My question: would you all like to see a Seagrave Apollo Rear Mount Platform replace one of the Ferraras? I personally love the idea but wanted to see what you guys think.
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    Trying to whip up a Kenworth T270 cab...never seen it done before. Any ideas?
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    Plans I made for the south district back home. 1 for the new road style, another for classic plates. Suggestions? Comments? (the red dots run along main street, this will probably be the busiest spot with many North end Boston-style shops and restaurants.) (I don't have police/hospital designs yet that is why they are not visible here)
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    6:23 PM Call: Fire with confirmed entrapment Location: New Lego City PSA: Stay clear of New Lego City. An experiment in the Center for Innovative Research (CIR) in New Lego City caught fire this afternoon and whilst the employee was trying to put it out somehow the fire spread to the rest of the building. There is still 1 CIR employee inside the building. Firefighters are currently on scene trying to raise a ladder too rescue him. It is chaos on the streets as a full evacuation was ordered for all nearby buildings. This fire is expected to take a long time to knock down as its really two fires, the one involving Hazardous Materials in the lab and the larger one spreading to the rest of the building. Photos will come soon. M/A would be appreciated.
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    Finally, a full house!
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    Just compiling a list of the best police/fire simulator games, have I missed any? -Emergency 4 -The Squad (Firefighting Simulator) -EmergNYC -Flashing Lights -Mission Chief -Police Simulator Patrol Duty
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    Do you guys have any suggestions for more details in my latest build?
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    @Joshua B, you can have your units now, unless you want them decontaminated on scene (as everyone's very dirty). If that's the case then can someone send a HazMat or Decon unit over to assist. Thanks
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    It only has to look purdy on the outside 😜 Count the studs 😬
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    Wow boys, it's really happening; I'm moving away from the LEGO hobby πŸ˜‚ OK not entirely, I'm sure I'll pick it up again at some point, but I haven't touched a brick in forever haha (yes I know I posted some stuff recently, I built that at almost a month ago though). Life caught up to me and it looks like my truck is gonna be a daily, so I'm dumping money into that now. I will say it's a LOT easier to spend on something that has good resale value haha! Spending most my time on truck forums and working on stuff so not much time to see what's up here, but I try to keep checking in. Just haven't been inspired to build stuff lately, and there's so much to do in a day you can't do it all, am I right? Really love the little community we have here though, even if we're just a fraction of the LFC as a whole. Keep up the great work fellas! I'll probably get bored on some rainy day and finish one of my many projects, who knows! I threw in some early prototypes and builds that were never posted here, enjoy! Mack CF engine; was going to Reserve Engine 2 Early version of Wildland 3, with the first decals I ever did. 7 tries later, I completed one of my faves, American flag and all πŸ’ͺ us My worst brush to date: PVFD Brush 1. I think I did post this, but I can't help but chuckle when I think I actually posted that hunk of junk πŸ˜‚ This was built after my first generation of the SKEETER FIREWALKER 6x6 The beginnings of a rig that was never finished. Don't even remember what it was going to be πŸ˜‚ This is a project I still hope to finish: one of the two Pierce Arrow XT tillers from Columbus FD Pumper body I threw together for @Rylie D at some point Random version of @TheRealCC's RAM cab I whipped up What was going to be Truck 2 at some point. I've always wanted to build a tandem axle rear mount tower on balloon tires, never got the chance though. I know I posted this, but for some reason I just love this rig (this is one of the later versions, I think the last before I built it IRL). I guess there's just something about imagining a rig in my head, trying it out digitally, and putting it into real bricks. The best version yet of my SKEETER FIREWALKER 6x6's. Idk about you guys, but at least in my eyes, it's a near perfect resemblance to the real life truck when paired with @Michael P.'s RAM cab. What I picture as the ultimate tiller, inspired by some of @Michael P.'s stuff and by numerous California depts. a little out of date compared to my latest rigs, but you get the idea. Whipped this up on LDD one day. It's pretty much my dream truck in LEGO, almost. The earliest version of my Chevy cab The ultimate wildland spec in my eyes. I never posted them, but I have a fleet of three of these. No pics though unfortunately Some random cab front I slapped together for @Rylie D Something I put together for the other @Josh, I never did show it too him haha! Was trying to find a way to make the little indent on the side not so deep. This old mechanic unit I was gonna build. I actually did build it in light bley at one but but scrapped it for a brush @Rescue 423, I very much wish I didn't have to say this, but I will not be able to complete the projects I signed up for for the LFC magazine. You're welcome to use the ones I did complete though, and good luck with it! Looking forward to reading it! Of course I would like to thank everybody who brought me from junky bricks on wheels to where I am now very, VERY much! I learned so much in so many ways and am very thankful that I got to do what I did. Hopefully when things slow down I'll come back to this fun hobby and wonderful community! Til' next time!
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