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Emergency Bricks! 
Community Rules & Guidelines 


Welcome to Emergency Bricks!  

Our mission is to unite LEGO® enthusiasts from around the world with a fondness for emergency service builds and support their shared interests by providing a space to communicate, share, inspire, and create. We’ve established these Community Rules & Guidelines to help guide behavior and codify the values that underpin our community. 

Please understand that this is a living document, and we’re constantly refining our approach to meet the needs of our community. You are encouraged to refer to this document and/or engage with our community staff if you have questions regarding community conduct rules and expectations. 


Our Values 


Everyone’s human. The old adage to respect and treat others in the same manner that you’d like to be treated holds true. Whether you are a newbie or a community veteran, you deserve respect.  

We cannot exist without our veteran members who serve as pillars of the community. Their participation has made the community what it is today, and they deserve respect for the time they’ve dedicated and experienced gained.  

We cannot grow without our new members and curious lurkers who are still figuring out who we are, and what this place is all about. We encourage their participation and welcome them into our community, they deserve to be respected. 


Everyone makes mistakes. From time to time, we’ve all said things that turned out to be inaccurate or wish we could have taken back in the heat of the moment. We ask that you try to be understanding and forgiving when it comes to these mistakes. Flaming, mocking, or belittling someone for their mistakes does nothing to further our community and adhere to our core values. Being polite and understanding goes a long way here.  


Everyone has their own opinions. The members of our community come from all walks of life, each with their own beliefs, religions, politics, incomes, educational levels, and viewpoints. These experiences, beliefs, and perspectives all help contribute to an individual’s identity. As a result, there will inevitably be a time that viewpoints don’t align and friction results. We expect our community members to be tolerant of others and when all else fails, agree to disagree so all parties can move on.  


Everyone has the right to privacy. It is our commitment to you that any personal information you provide through the course of using our community is kept confidential. Likewise, it is the expectation of our community that members respect each other's privacy as well. Posting personal information about another member is never appropriate and won’t be tolerated within our community. We provide tools to have personal conversations with other community members, and it is our expectation that the private nature of those conversations is respected.  


Our Rules & Guidelines 


Emergency Bricks! (EB!) Is a community intended for Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOLs). It is the expectation that our members be age 18 years of age or older. We reserve the right to terminate/ban the accounts of anyone who does not meet that requirement for our protection as well as their own. We don’t intend to sound mean about this, but the US & EU both have laws requiring parental consent for minors to use websites such as ours, and with those laws come slews of safeguards, policies, and reporting requirements. As a result, posting that you are not an adult is a quick way to get banned. Should an individual choose to ignore this rule without our knowledge and choose to obtain an EB! Membership we cannot be held responsible for any community content that may be potentially offensive. 

Emergency Bricks! Is free to join, but membership is limited to one account per individual. It is our expectation that all members utilize a working email address that they have regular access to for all important communications regarding their account.  

Membership with our community is a privilege. We truly believe the nature of emergency services and public safety work attracts a special individual. Likewise, this community stands out among other AFOL communities as unique for the type of builders, fans, and enthusiasts we are home to. To protect the health and foster the growth of our community, we will not hesitate to enforce our community rules including revoking the membership of those who do not respect the guidelines of our community or rights of our community members. 

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