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I’m so happy! Just found out GL is working on a 5th gen Ram!!! Super excited and j can’t wait to get it, although the I’m guessing it will be close to a year seeing as Dually Drivers Series 6 and 7 haven’t hit stores yet, and we don’t even know for sure that it’ll be in Series 8, nor do we have pics yet. There are also strong rumors that GL is making a first gen Ram, so I’m super excited about that too of course! Here the link to the GL catalog: http://online.anyflip.com/dfqk/erck/mobile/index.html



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More progress on the square! Took out the driveshafts and put the differentials in, put traction bars in, and put in new driveshafts. Still have to do the drop box, steering linkage, and a few other t

Look what I got. Had to have since I live in Washington state 

Got this cool f350 dually pickup from my parents. Pretty sweet. I also got uncle Eddie's rv from national lampoon Christmas vacation. My favorite Christmas movie. I put in a pic from the movie of the

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Some people would hate me like none other for daring to do this to even a model truck, but I did a little experimenting with a slammed dually today 🤮Awful I know, but as hideous as slamming is, it's done right with the inside of the bed cut up to clear the wheels and closed back off with a half cylinder of styrene. Somehow, for how much I hate these two things myself, I managed to not only slam, but also slight SQUAT it at the same time 🤢 Never fear, this is not a finished product, I don't have all the pieces to the casting any more (which is probably a good thing) so it's just a little project to test stuff out. It has a scratch built frame, which drags slightly on the ground despite being sanded down to about 2/3 it original thickness, and it rolls easily forwards, but for some reason I can't figure out it can't roll backwards. I didn't have any suitable dually wheels, so it's got some GL steam rollers with could pass as super singles I guess. 

Anyways, over to the more pleasant side of the photo, the monster. I've been working on this for several weeks now; it was originally just going to be a nice lifted trail truck, but it got a little out of hand and got lifted about 3 times as much as planned, so the result is this; fully detailed monster/mud truck suspension with tie rods, crossover steering, diffs, driveshafts, traction bars galore (which actually do they're job of keeping rigidity at the rear axle, without them it flops all over), coil springs, shocks, etc, but here's the catch; it's all functional. The coil springs allow about enough flex to tackle a bit more then a GL steam roller, which considering the detail is pretty good. The shocks, which are a piece of wire inside a styrene tube, are functional, and all the other details are only glued to the axle and not the base, allowing them to flex. The mega traction bars are glued only to the axle like everything else, but held in place with styrene discreetly out of view, and have just the right amount of looseness to flex with the axle, but also keep the axle from flopping forward or backwards. It was really complicated to work out, but towards the end things started to come together and so far it's been really sturdy. Got a few changes to make before it gets the final finish coats, but it's really close.

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1 hour ago, Josh said:

Good grief. 15 bucks 🤦

Any place I could get one cheaper?


Rats, I coulda bought the one I saw and shipped it to ya for cheaper! Here's the cheapest from ebay, it's a little better.

Greenlight 1:64 New Hampshire State Police 2018 Dodge Charger Model Car 42930E | eBay

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I just found a 1:64 CVPI in my closet, completely unopened. I don't remember buying it, so it must have been a gift or something. Pretty neat.


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