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New Unnamed Side Department:

A merger of several small departments, with each department becoming a battalion (though some battalions are comprised of 2 or more of the smallest departments). 


1st Battalion:

Station 1 (Department Headquarters)

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

Station 5


2nd Battalion:

Station 6 (2nd Battalion Headquarters)

Station 7

Station 8

Station 9

Station 10


3rd Battalion:

Station 11 (3rd Battalion Headquarters)

Station 12

Station 13

Station 14

Station 15


4th Battalion:

Station 16 (4th Battalion Headquarters)

Station 17

Station 18

Station 19


Within the 1st Battalion are also the training and mechanic facilities. Department Headquarters has offices for the command staff, commissioners, Chief Mechanic, and all of the committees (apparatus, safety, training, etc.). The dispatch center is also housed there, staffing 10 dispatchers. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions house dive/high water/ice rescue teams due to significant water areas. They each operate a boat. The 4th Battalion is the most commercialized, and as such, houses the HazMat and Tech Rescue units.

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RM of Maple Fire organization


Approximately two thirds of the RM is Farm land. All 3 stations have first dues in unhydranted rural area. Station 1 is located on Provincial Trunk Highway 7 and there first due includes a part of a small provincial park, a residential and low commercial area, and farm land located in the south east area of there first due. Station 2 is mostly a residential area with some farm land, there first due also includes a large river that flows south to north through the RM. Station 3s first due is mostly farm and includes a small industrial area  and cargo train line. The Regional airport is also in there first due. 



3 stations

Each has a Engine, Tanker, and Brush. In addition Station 1 has a ladder, and rescue. Station 2 has a water rescue. Station 3 also has a Light rescue, a UTV, and a regional Hazmat trailer.


Personal Organization

The Department is 100% volunteer except for a full time chief that works 9-5 at station 1. The chief goes by the call sign Chief 51. There is also 2 deputy chiefs for the department going by the call signs Deputy 61, and 62. Deputy 62 is assigned to Station 2 and has the fire ground role of safety officer. Deputy 61 is the training officer for all the 3 stations as well as joint trainings between mutual aid departments, Deputy 61 is currently assigned to Station 3. 

Each station has a captain and 2 lieutenants. All firefighters have a minimum of Firefighter I, and EMR. Most firefighters acquire there Firefighter II within two years of joining. In total the department has 69 members. Station 3 is home to the regional hazmat response team and has 8 members trained to Hazmat level 3. All certifications is done through the provincial fire academy, MESC (Manitoba Emergency Service College) located in Brandon. Dispatch is also run through the province. 


Fire Apparatus numbering

All Fire suppression apparatus in the RM of maple have a 3 digit radio callsign

The First digit designates the apparatus type

a truck staring with:

2 is a rescue truck

3 is a ladder truck

4 is a engine

6 is for specialty vehicles (This includes tankers and brush trucks)


The second digit designates the station it is at


The third digit is for if there's more then 1 type of apparatus at that station

eg. 411 is the first engine at station 1

412 is the second engine at station 1


Mutual Aid

RM of maple is also home to a small regional airport with two crash tenders and a volunteer fire department comprised of the ground crew at the airport. RM of maple also supports fire suppression at the airport.


RM of maple is in the Park South Mutual aid District. The  MAD is comprised of 7 mutual aid departments and boarders a national park and has a provincial park in the district. The 7 departments are:

  • Neilson Fire Department
  • Wolseley Fire Department
  • Aspen Ridge Fire Department
  • Barclay Hill Fire Department
  • Deep Bay Fire Department
  • East Falcon Fire Department
  • CFB Stevenson Fire Department (Canada DOD)

Park south MAD also gets support from the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner who provide USAR, GSAR, Emergency Response, Command, and fire investigation. The MAD also gets brush fire support from the provinces wildland firefighters and from a Parks Canada Wildfire team located in the nearby national park. RM of maple also gets outside mutual aid from Sarcity-Brickhills Fire Department. Medical response is provided by 5 provincial run ambulance at the local hospital.

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Brickford City Fire Rescue:

Operating in a ~40 Square Mile area, Brickford City Fire Rescue is a full time, 24/7/365 Fire Department, split into 4 unique districts (or battalions). Each battalion covers a unique area of the city, has it's own color scheme, and a unique set of call signs. Each district may also have it's own specialty vehicles, such as Hazmat, ARFF, Marine, and Wildland. BCFR Staff train constantly and are always engaging in community outreach events...the crazy color schemes are a big hit with kids!

The call sign system as mentioned previously is rather unique and prevents confusion at large emergency scenes. The call sign system works as follows: First letter of the district (S,E,N,W)

First Letter of the Unit (E for Engine for example)

a dash

The number of the district (1,2,3,4)

The unit number. (SE-135 is "South Engine - District 1 Unit 35")


Department Structure:

District 1 - "The South District"

  • Station 1
    • Engine 112, Engine 135, Battalion 100, Truck 134
  • Station 2 "Polar Express" and "Pride of The South Side"
    • Rescue 115, Ladder 124

District 2 - "The East District"

  • Station 3
    • Battalion 200, Engine 224, IRT 225 and 226
  • Station 4
    • Hazmat 222, Truck 223
  • Other
    • Marine 220 and 221

District 3 - "The North District"

  • Station 5
    • Battalion 300, Engine 345 and 346
  • Station 6 “North End Nightwatch”
    • Rescue 340, Truck 350

District 4 - "The West District"

  • Station 7
    • Battalion 400, Engine 401, UTV 402, Brush 403, Brush 404, and Wildland 405


Brickford City Emergency Medical Services:

Brickford City provides exceptional medical care to its citizens by way of Brickford City EMS and BC General Hospital. BCEMS started a groundbreaking program, providing ambulance rides free of charge by allocating some of their yearly budget along with public donations and financial support from BC General. This program has seen a lot of success, as more people are willing to call for an ambulance and get care they need. BCEMS also offers specialty units, such as HazMat Decontamination/Mass Casualty Response, Special Operations, and a Paramedic interceptor.


Department Structure:

  • Districts 1 and 2- "The South and East Districts"
    • Supervisor 1-1, Ambulance 1-4 and 1-5
  • Districts 3 and 4 - "The North and West Districts"
    • Supervisor 2-2, Ambulances 2-3 and 2-6
  • City Wide:
    • BC-11 (Decon/MC), BC-12 (Paramedic Intercept), BC-15 (Special Operations and Emergency Logistics)


Mutual Aid:

All 4 Districts can respond anywhere within another district if needed. Many specialty units such as Hazmat 222, the IRT trucks, wildland trucks and the two rescues respond whenever needed. Rescue 340 “Northend Nightwatch” for example specializes in collapse rescue and night ops, and often get called anywhere. Outside of the district, Algonquin Fire Department provides aid for wildland fires and Lego Regional Fire Authority a spare engine.

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Love how this thread is blowing up! San Brickardo fire Rescue will be getting a detailed post on here soon...

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San Brickardo Fire Rescue



SBFR serves a very large sprawling coastal city of San Brickardo with a population of approximately 4 million minifigs. To the "central" it is very urban downtown with modern high-rises lining the waterfront, to the east there is the large San Brickardo Beach, and to the west is Holly-brick and lots of wealthy housing. SBFR provides water rescue (dive rescue), fire, rescue, and medical services to the entire city. This fire department will have  3 battalions (this will be updated as I plan out more) but for now I've only got 1. 



So far, 5 stations planned, 1 station built. All of the following stations are in Battalion 2. 

Station 5 (Elm Ave, the area shown recently, station already built, renders coming soon)

Engine 5

Station 6 (The Santa Monica Coconuts)

Engine 6, Medic 6, Rescue 6 

(Cross-staffed: High Rise 6, Dive Rescue 6)

Station 4 (Little Italy/downtown)

Engine 4, Ladder 4, Battalion 2, Medic 4, Command 4. 

Station 7 (Little Italy)

Unnamed marine station

Fire Alarm Box Numbering

First digit = Battalion

Second Digit = First Due Station

Third Digit = Box Number.

Ex, Box 251 is Battalion 2, Station 5, Box 1. 

Mutual Aid

SBFR is still quite a new department and is offering regular units for Mutual Aid as well as its specialist teams like its Dive Rescue team, and Urban/High-rise firefighting team, and Collapse Rescue team. Contact Rescue 423 for Mutual Aid. This thread is still being edited as I develop more on SBFR. 

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Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Fire Department



Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Fire Department covers the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, a 550 patient hospital that boarders the south-western part of Sarcity-Brickhills In Morris county. The area that they cover is 1 square mile and has a 4 story main building as well as many smaller cottages and maintenance buildings. 


Stations and Apparatus

Greystone Park fire department has only 3 apparatus and 1 fire station.  Engine 1, Utility 1, and Car 1 a take home vehicle by the fire chief. 


Personal Organization

Greystone park fire department has 6 full time firefighters on staff. The firefighters are dived into 3 shifts of 2 men each. There is also one full time chief on duty that is at the station with the day shift during the week and is on call during nights and weekends from his home. 

Mutual Aid

Due to Greystone parks small size the fire department gets automatic mutual aid on nearly every call. Mutual aid is provided by Morris county and Sarcity (Since it is within there first in) On the first alarm assignment Sarcity Fire District 1 and Port Morris fire department respond in conjunction with Greystone park. Greystone is the only department in the county that does not provide outside mutual aid due to low manpower

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