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A Quick Server Update

As our frequent visitors already know, accessing EB! has been a little spotty over the past week during times of infrastructure migration and improvements. We are happy to report that we are now 100% on our new primary server which is using a Linux Debian based operating system to provide rock solid stability and reliability for our community. We also migrated away from MySQL over to MariaDB in hopes of cashing in on the performance gains there too considering how heavily we rely on our master database for every aspect of the site. 
We have pretty much always utilized Amazon S3 for our image server to provide content service to our members as well as provide a very reliable and secure off-site server for said images. I am happy to report that we are now utilizing daily off-site backups of our entire site and databases as well through similar means. This move will prevent a catastrophic failure like we experienced earlier this year, and allow us to restore the site to any point needed should data become lost or corrupt.
While those changes were fairly big ones, we aren't done yet. I am constantly working on improving the user experience here. I have plans to improve our page load speeds further and make better use of caching to save on what resources are served. While this may result in a little downtime here or there, from here on out it things should be pretty reliable. 
I haven't forgotten about all of the feature suggestions either. There is a lot on my plate, but I will continue to implement whatever features I can, while improving the existing ones as well. This includes working on the user-selected themes when I am able. I appreciate your patience and support through all of the work. I also would like to thank the @Community Ops Team for their reliable presence on the front-end while I continue to work primarily behind the scenes.

Stay tuned for more updates!
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  • Recent Status Updates

    •  Josh

      @Rescue 423You were right, 5 story was a good idea. looks perfect! I think this is the final build. Thanks guys for all the suggestions! no idea what is going on with the yellow bricks in this render but it looks cool anyway. I have a few more on the way!

      · 2 replies
    • Joshua B

      Shoulda done this months ago, but I just thought of it now 😂

      · 2 replies
    •  Josh

      I like them both so much 😂

      · 2 replies
    • Joshua B

      My city has fallen into a state of disrepair over the last couple months... 

      Of course as seen in my last status update, the wrecked house and boathouse have been taken out (although now they're just sitting in the road lol), but I have to do some cleanup. the 32 stud wide raised expansion on the end is supposed to be very lush and green private property, I'm thinking with a 2 track and cabin, but first I need to pitch the hunk of a table I have and build one that actually lines up with the top of the short cliff. Before I lost inspiration, I had just almost finished a huge re-landscaping project, I had the whole thing torn up while I added 2 plate tall tiled curbs and sidewalks. As a result I had to put in raised green plates across the whole layout, I've never done that before on a city, but thank goodness I had enough 6x8 green plates. I bought 60 or something years ago for a minifig scaled football field I was building, I got half of it done, never finished it and took it apart. I kick myself for not taking pics, it was pretty cool with all the lines and whatnot. 
      Anyways, I do have plans for it and I'm getting some extra time on my hands so it might start coming together. At least with the water front almost done it's mostly a matter of cleanup and I can start doing stuff in the main part and worry about the expansion later. 
      @Rylie Davis this is mostly to show ya a pic of my half urban half rural layout, lol. Station 1, which is my single bay urban firehouse, is at the bottom of the pic, you can just see the MARS EMS station on the bottom left, and to the middle right is the dept shops. That and the bridge ease the transition over to the rural backroad. I'd like to have a bit more rural to it, but that's why I'm adding the raised expansion.
      · 1 reply
    • Rescue 423

      So, I was experimenting with making decals for @ Josh's Crown vic and I made a set that i think look amazing. Rendering rn and will be in the gallery soon. Also made some for @ Sven Explorer. Also looks amazing!
      · 1 reply
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