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  2. Thanks for following me!!

    1. AlgonquinFD


      You're welcome! 🙂

  3. Such a rubbish lego builder... Haven't touched a brick in ages. 😂 

  4. PVFD has purchased another rig! It is a 2019 Pierce Velocity TDA (Tractor Drawn Aerial), and is expected to be delivered before December. This has just been revealed by the department, even though the order must have been placed months ago. Further news and specs are expected to come in coming weeks.

  5. Dakota

    2019 Update

    I will look into a dark mode option, I think that is something that can be done rather easily. I will also ponder some ideas for holiday themes again in the near future. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. ID-1

    2019 Update

    I second the motion of a dark mode. Holiday themes like we had before are also nice.
  7. AFD is attempting to purchase rigs, but the current stock market drag has both AFD and PVFD struggling to come up with the funds. Officials of the two departments hope to have at least one new rig apiece before cold sets in for good. Both departments are looking to purchase heavy rescues and possibly another engine for AFD.

  8. Still waiting on parts for Engine 1. Hopefully I'll get them some time this century.

  9. About to create AFD Station 3. I'm thinking two engines and a heavy rescue, probably all Pierce Arrow's. If you guys have any tips for me, that would be appreciated!

  10. Abeed Malik

    2019 Update

    Any chance for a native dark mode? I use a chrome extension but it REAAALLLYYY slows things down. Also anyway to view the gallery as a "collective?" In other words view all images uploaded chronologically, disregarding albums and sorting. Basically a much longer "NEW CREATIONS" section but like probably not on the homepage for practical/design reasons. Maybe a "see more" on the top right hand corner of that box.
  11. Just curious if there's anyone willing to touch up my decal design so I can print it?

    1. Sven


      Sadly I don't have the time for doing it. Sorry Ed

  12. Really want to make some sort of special rig to designate as a parade/event piece, but not really sure what kind of rig I want to go with. Any suggestions?

  13. Updated Engine 6 will be posted soon; expect additional rigs in the coming months. 

  14. Anyone have any ideas for a Ford Expedition design?


  16. Any interesting builds in progress?

  17. (Repost because something happened with the link) 

    Found this awesome build for the newer Ford Super Duty pickups. Unfortunately I think it's out of scale...
  18. Found this awesome build for the newer Ford Super Duty pickups. Unfortunately I think it's out of scale for my rigs.

    1. Ed O

      Ed O

      Just noticed, apparently the link didn't post

  19. Dakota

    2019 Update

    Hey folks, I hope this message finds you well. I've been using a more hands-off approach and letting this community sort of steer itself without much guidance lately and I'm happy to see that, overall, it seems to be working. In recent years, Facebook groups and social media has reduced the frequency of forum visits by users as a whole, and that is true here as well. That being said, I still strongly feel there is something to be said for a dedicated platform that keeps things shared and easily accessible all in one place for niche communities like ours. Despite the slumps, we maintain an active user base and so long as that is the case I will continue to support you guys. Which brings me to the point of this posting. It has been quite some time since the last site overhaul/ update, and I am seeking suggestions for anything you folks would like to see altered around here. The forum structure hasn't changed much, are there any forums you'd like to have added? Are there forums you think we should cut? How are the galleries serving you? How about clubs? Do you like the current site design or would you rather something else with different colors? Please share your feedback and wish list, though I can't promise I can make everyone happy, I will do my best to implement improvements to enhance the experience here as much as I can. Thanks guys, hope you find yourselves having a nice summer.
  20. When Stud.io 2.0 decides to accept your BL password but the BL site says it's the wrong password

    1. Ed O

      Ed O

      And then BL decides not to accept your wanted list over an unrecognized part that you're 99.9% sure you didn't use in your build

    2. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      It's Stud.io 2.0 BETA, it's still in a experimental/design phase, so there are still bugs that have to be dealt with.
      Maybe it would be more helpfull to report this to the Stud.io design team then venting it on here.

    3. Ed O

      Ed O

      I already did report it. 

  21. Absolutely terrible news out of NYC - both a detective and Deputy Chief of the NYPD committed suicide this week

    1. AKoroski


      That's horrible.

  22. Finally have a tiller design that I'm happy with. Can't wait to show it.

  23. Why is MOCPages broken every 2.5 seconds

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