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  2. Joshua B

    Ram Flatbeds

    I can’t shake the feeling that the front of the left one are jaws hanging open 😂
  3. Rescue 423

    San Brickardo

    This album is for pictures of the city served by the San Brickardo police Department, Parkview medical center, and San Brickardo Public Transit. Each of these services have their own album which you can see their fleet and more, but this album is for seeing pictures of the small details inside of San Brickardo.
  4. Brilliant work once again my brother. Hopefully the real rig will be as well executed in all phases as this brilliant model has been. As I used to do on MOCPages BOAJDTAP 100/100 an IJDGABTT.👌👨‍🚒
  5. Rescue 423

    Ram Flatbeds

    Right. Both look good though...
  6. Being inspired by this pierce quantum squirt built by mtbricks80....I've decided to build one with a teleboom instead of a squirt.



  7. I really appreciate it Josh and its quite an honor being featured 🙂
  8. Yesterday
  9. Rescue 423


    Looks good! I like the roads integration with the bridge/ SNOT parking lot. Surprisingly smooth!
  10. Last week
  11. Joshua B

    Algonquin Rd

    Agreed. I’m still figuring out the front end, I think I might make the grille stick out a tad.
  12. Josh

    Algonquin Rd

    That 7wide spartan is hands down the best way to do it. Very good looking rig already.
  13. here are some standalone renders. I am having a lot of fun with some new found settings lol.





    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Looks great 👍 

  14. Just a few things to touch up, and then besides the expansion I’ll have the “finished” city I’ve wanted for so long! I’m thinking I’ll turn the red 3 story building into a hospital, instead of filling the space next to it with another building I’ll put an ambulance area or something there. Then I have to finish off the area where I have construction, and it’s pretty much done. I’ll post pics in a new album in the gallery in a few hours.


    1. Josh


      Besides the pile in the back. I am a big fan! Nice job! can't wait to see some emergency scenes!

    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Haha, that's kind of the junk yard atm. That'll need to get cleaned up, and I might take advantage of that empty space and put a little unrelated scene thing for making incidents.

  15. as promised, some more renders of the final design!



  16. @Rescue 423You were right, 5 story was a good idea. looks perfect! I think this is the final build. Thanks guys for all the suggestions! no idea what is going on with the yellow bricks in this render but it looks cool anyway. I have a few more on the way!


    1. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Looking forward to continue watching as we both build our digital cities lol

    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      I really like these renders from the perspective of a minifig!

    3. Josh


      Thanks guys!

      @Joshua BThanks! After discovering the Field of View adjustment, I have been trying to make better minifig-eye-view renders...this one (minus the weird lighting/coloring) is one of my favorites. Little sneak peak of the new rescue too lol

  17. Shoulda done this months ago, but I just thought of it now 😂


    1. Josh


      😂 I have a few too:




    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      😂😂 the last one is great 

  18. I like them both so much 😂

    Screenshot from 2021-04-18 19-06-21.png

    Screenshot from 2021-04-18 19-06-49.png

    Screenshot from 2021-04-18 19-10-44.png

    Screenshot from 2021-04-18 19-10-59.png

    1. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Just go with 3 tan floors lol

    2. Josh


      Have not tried that one yet! I just don't want the modular buildings to feel out of place ya know?

  19. My city has fallen into a state of disrepair over the last couple months... 


    Of course as seen in my last status update, the wrecked house and boathouse have been taken out (although now they're just sitting in the road lol), but I have to do some cleanup. the 32 stud wide raised expansion on the end is supposed to be very lush and green private property, I'm thinking with a 2 track and cabin, but first I need to pitch the hunk of a table I have and build one that actually lines up with the top of the short cliff. Before I lost inspiration, I had just almost finished a huge re-landscaping project, I had the whole thing torn up while I added 2 plate tall tiled curbs and sidewalks. As a result I had to put in raised green plates across the whole layout, I've never done that before on a city, but thank goodness I had enough 6x8 green plates. I bought 60 or something years ago for a minifig scaled football field I was building, I got half of it done, never finished it and took it apart. I kick myself for not taking pics, it was pretty cool with all the lines and whatnot. 

    Anyways, I do have plans for it and I'm getting some extra time on my hands so it might start coming together. At least with the water front almost done it's mostly a matter of cleanup and I can start doing stuff in the main part and worry about the expansion later. 

    @Rylie Davis this is mostly to show ya a pic of my half urban half rural layout, lol. Station 1, which is my single bay urban firehouse, is at the bottom of the pic, you can just see the MARS EMS station on the bottom left, and to the middle right is the dept shops. That and the bridge ease the transition over to the rural backroad. I'd like to have a bit more rural to it, but that's why I'm adding the raised expansion.

    1. Josh


      Looks like progress is being made! Glad we could help inspire you to work on it 🙂

  20. This is the San Brickardo Police Department (SBPD) and will cover the city of San Brickardo. So far only 2 divisions in the city have been planned, the 7th and 5th precincts. The 7th precinct building has already been built (and has been referenced as simple "modular police station" and I am part way thru digitally creating the small sketchy neighborhood it serves. I will then move onto digitally designing and creating the 5th division station and the larger downtown area it protects. As you can see from the badge, this department is based on the LAPD and SFPD, and the city it serves
  21. Nah. If it looks that bad, take the push bumper off them all IMO
  22. Lol forgot bout the mirrors. yeah those I'll definitely change. I might shorten the bumper too, but It would look weird next to ones with a push bumper. I'll experiment.
  23. Theoretically the change to the mirrors would be pretty easy, even if you don't raise it up.
  24. The mirrors! And shorten the bumper at least a plate, especially since you don't have any kind of a push bar.
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