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Joshua B


This 1977 Chevrolet C-3500 with a 4” lift setting on six 18” polished Alcoas and 35s was completed today. Crossover steering, 4” straight pipe to 6” tip, detailed scratch built drive train, gooseneck ball, clearance lights, 2016 style tow mirrors, and an Alcoa spare are among the details added. It’s a GL Kings of Crunch cab paired with a GL aluminum flatbed, and uses 2 sets of HW premium wheels which double nicely as polished Alcoa dually wheels and super singles after a couple coats of metallic chrome spray paint. This was actually my first started custom, but because of various delays it was only now completed. It’s by far my personal favorite of what I’ve built so far. This ones a little pic heavy, I was having great fun playing with different angles and this is only half of what I took.

This is my favorite pic of it. It’s what truck guys call a “roller”, taken from a camera moving at the same rate as the truck, which causes the wheels and background to be blurred but the truck stays in focus. I did it by taking a video of me pulling the the truck backwards by the trailer and moving the camera roughly at the same pace with the other hand, then pausing the video at a spot where the truck is in proper focus and taking a screen shot, and then cropping the edges of the screenshot as well as my hand out. It can also be done with a tiny piece of wire around the trailer hitch.







I love this 70s rig! The ‘77 square body with the ‘78 Pacer really go well together.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think, especially suggestions for improvements!

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Just now, Josh said:

very nice! so many details!

Thank you! I’m wondering why I built so much Lego stuff when I can add so much more detail on something so much tinier for so much cheaper 😂 

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13 hours ago, Joshua B said:

Thank you! I’m wondering why I built so much Lego stuff when I can add so much more detail on something so much tinier for so much cheaper 😂 

because LEGO is fun!

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10 minutes ago, Josh said:

because LEGO is fun!

Who said models aren’t fun 🤷‍♂️

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1 hour ago, Joshua B said:

Who said models aren’t fun 🤷‍♂️

they are just double the fun!

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6 minutes ago, Josh said:

they are just double the fun!

Meh, that’s a matter of opinion 😜 honestly I’m realizing Lego really isn’t the medium for me. I have more fun building models and using creativity to turn everyday household items into little details and functions. I just feel like there are so many more opportunities in the modeling hobby, and it’s also a lot easier to sell a model here and there to keep the budget balanced. I still enjoy Lego of course, but models just feel like my niche. 

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