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Emergency Task Force Training Exercise.

Rescue 423


Today the LCPF Emergency Task Force (Basically the SWAT) did a training exercise in the administrative/living quarters section of Lego City Fire Brigade Station 5. The garage was converted into the living space (for the crew of station 5) and control room (for the training exercise). The LCPF did allow a couple of photographers to tag along and watch the guys at work. The goal was to tactically enter and clear the first and second floor in under 5 minutes. 



(Above) The view inside the repurposed garage where you can see the crews hanging around a common table. IMG_4224.thumb.jpg.1ee3548f93a8be85b327797d17cecced.jpg 

An overview of the layout. With the command station on the left, and some temporary offices for the chief/assistant chief on the right next to some exercise equipment. IMG_4226.thumb.JPG.8ac9f7e566c8eb6eb0723a91d9121074.JPG

 The ETF about to breach. IMG_4228.thumb.JPG.b836267b8160eb4b87941665d985af9e.JPG

 The ETF advancing up the stairs. 620221373_IMG_4229(1).thumb.jpg.b7eda58aa4034967fe787e4317219074.jpg

 Station 5's apparatus, parked on the closed street outside the station. Left to right: Engine 5, Medic 5, Battalion 1. IMG_4231.thumb.JPG.9761b9c27343f07fcf8471a6b3b7290e.JPG

Station 5 only got one call whilst the training was in progress. It was for a Seizure. Here you can see Medic 5 responding. 

Other Stuff

-I am still offering free interior detailing to trucks and stations you are building. For stations simply send me the .io file and list the rooms you want and for trucks send me the .io file and list of equipment you want/occupants you want in the cab.-


Thanks for reading 

Never Forget (9/11) 


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