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LCPF Public Safety Response Team FAQ

Rescue 423



Meet Sgt. York (above) of the LCPF Public Safety Response Team. He is assigned to the West Lego City Neighborhood of "New Lego City", complete with businesses, residents, and its own large train station, located in the heart of Lego City, "New Lego City" sure has its struggles.  Below we answer some FAQ about the Public Safety Response Team. 


How does a neighborhood qualify to get a PSRT? officer assigned to it?

A neighborhood can qualify in a number of different ways, mostly PSRT officers are assigned to neighborhoods where crime has to be above a certain average, but we also assign PSRT officers to a neighborhood if a certain number of citizens that live/work in the area fill in a request form (which can be done online, or in person at the closest LCPF station. 

How do you get in contact with the neighborhood PSRT officer? Does he have an office we can visit? 

PSRT officers do not have offices open to the public, but they do have their own email and phone number (which can not be used for emergency contact) which are specifically used for the purpose of members of the public reaching the officer with problems/suggestions. PSRT officers do drive around their neighborhood in unmarked cars but are most often found walking around, interacting with members of the public. 

What happens if the incident is to serious to be dealt with in an email?

Simply bring it up at the monthly meetings that take place at 6:00 pm, at the local LCPF station. Anyone is invited to attend and share their views (of course because of Covid 19 these meetings are happening virtually). 

Do PSRT officers do anything else except just patrolling/interacting with minifigs in their neighborhood?

Yes! PSRT officers respond to any calls along side patrol officers inside their neighborhood. They also respond to any calls which possibly involve somebody who has spoken to the PSRT before. 

Why are PSRT officers armed?

PSRT officers are armed so that they can respond alongside Armed Response Vehicles and the Emergency Task Force  to any incident involving firearms inside or around their neighborhood.

When did the LCPF get its first PSRT officer?

The program was officially introduced on March 1st, 2020 after the LCPF recognized that certain neighborhoods needed more help than others.  So far it has helped prevent fatalities in a shooting and information given to the PSRT officers helped Special Operations officers with a successful raid. 

Are any other neighborhoods going to get a PSRT?

Yes! The LCPF is currently looking at 1 more neighborhood (The Food District) located just North of our current PSRT neighborhood. This neighborhood asked for a PSRT after seeing how well the "New Lego City" program went.



(Above) The PSRT unit officer ticketing one of the parties involved in a parking feud. 


(Above) The PSRT officer chatting with a shopkeeper in his exotic pet shop. IMG_4096.thumb.JPG.430245301bdc6a4836b20deaa264c7f0.JPG

(Above) The PSRT exiting a restaurant after discussing the placement of a new alarm system with the owner. IMG_4097.thumb.JPG.b3619fa62638677e5baba92f03b92261.JPG

(Above) The PSRT officer taking part in the "Free Graffiti" project with a younger member of his neighborhood. The "Free Graffiti" project encourages minifigs to do graffiti on bland walls of public buildings as long as they have a licence from the city. It is meant to help brighten up the bland city feel downtown Lego City has. IMG_4098.thumb.JPG.b76a05e2783fbe9462bad8160da2f8c6.JPG

(Above) The PSRT officer along with patrol officers talking to a witness of a suspect throwing rocks down into other peoples apartment.  

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