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Brickston Brush Fire

Rescue 423


5:12 PM


Lego City Fire Brigade was dispatched to what is know known as the Brickston Brush Fire. The call was for a small brush fire that had been sighted by a motorist on the A1 (highway). Engine 5, Engine 3, Battalion 1, Battalion 2, Utility 3, and LCPF all responded to the fire. It was a lot larger than initially reported, it had spread quite far south, and continued spreading until LCFB Utility 3 started wetting the dry grassland that the fire was using as fuel. Engine 3 began setting up a hard suction water supply line and Engine 5 began fighting the fire from the west. Unfortunately the fire kept spreading and the LCFB was overwhelmed. Engine 5 had to retreat back to the A1 (highway) because of how much fire it faced. The current incident commander (Battalion 1) then put out the request for Mutual Aid. The request was answered in a matter of minutes by Algonquin Fire Department. AFD Brush 3 followed by Reserve Brush 2 and Reserve Wildland 2 started an offensive attack on the fire along with LCFB Engine 5. and they managed to clear out a large chunk of the south-west area of the brush fire. next arrived AFD Tanker 2 and Tanker 5, who set up a portable water tank, which helped supply the fire attack with water. AFD Engine 5 and Engine 6 covered LCFB Station 5 and station 3. Station 5 got a medical call, and AFD Engine 5 responded with LCFB Medic 5. The call was for a fall victim. Due to a wind change (from light southern wind to heavy south-eastern wind) the small residentail community of South Brickston was in danger. LCPF quickly evacuated the community whilst LCFB put out another call for Mutual Aid. This was answered by Algonquin Fire Department, Peterville Volunteer Fire Department, and Plum Beach Fire Rescue. Peterville Volunteer Fire Department sent Brush 1, which was used for a small fire attack pushing the fire away from the residential community. Algonquin Fire Department sent Engine 4, which was used with Plum Beach Fire Rescue ALS 89 and Engine 89 for residential protection. The fire was finally extinguished at 1:18 PM, 7/5/2020. Special Thanks to Algonquin Fire Department, Plum Beach fire Recue, and Peterville Volunteer Fire Department for their resources and expertise that they sent our way. 

Brickston Brush Fire (1).jpg


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