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*Exclusive Review* New Engine 5

Rescue 423


Hello everyone, 

Engine 5 of the Lego City Fire brigade went thru some changes and has only just returned to service. All of these changes are influenced by staff feedback or extra equipment needed to carry. The first cabinet has been changed to hold the medical equipment which has been moved from the cab freeing up valuable space. The cabinet now holds, standard first aid kit, oxygen tank , airways kit, defibrillator, burns kit, maternity kit, and hard suction kit allowing the truck to be upgraded to an Advanced Life Support engine. This upgrade was needed for the growing number of EMS calls in central Lego City. The cabinet across from that (passenger side front) is know the cabinet assigned for carrying everything a firefighter needs to go into a burning building. This includes a SCBA rack, Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) and a command whiteboard. The cab has also been redesigned (interior) so that firefighters from either sides can get out either doors, allowing all the firefighters to get out one side for a medical call and the other side for a fire depending on what side all the gear is. The rear has been changed up to make the pump panel big enough to hold all the hose and the intakes/discharges. 2 exterior equipment hooks have been set up at the rear of the rig, one holds a scene light and the other holds a hydrant wrench. Other than that the truck stayed the same. 

IMG_3566.thumb.jpg.5ac7f1c24877937c972f5e781edee58b.jpgIMG_3565.thumb.JPG.ffef930fdb0aa62db7ce26f82c679b33.JPGAbove: The new equipment carried, Right: the new pump panel setup.


LCFB website update: should be up over the weekend, just finishing up the incidents page

Utility 5 has been built, photos will be up in the LCFB album over the weekend, 

Lego City Police Force HQ got a new floor for special Operations and the 7th floor has been remade into 3 offices for Gang Crime Team, Media Unit, and Tactical Robbery Unit, I am debating whether to post photos of the new development. 

Have a great rest-of-week/weekend, please practice social distancing, and stay safe!   

*one more thing, I will try to be posting a blog every Wednesday, so check back here often!!


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