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My Helicopter Problem

Rescue 423


Hello Everyone, 

I hope you are all doing well. I have titled this blog "My Helicopter Problem" Because I wanted to cover the fact that my city has 4 helicopters and no aircraft's of any sort.  The Helicopters I have are: 1 Air ambulance, 1 police traffic Helicopter, 1 Police special operations helicopter, and 1 private helicopter. I just find them so easy to build and easy to keep in a city where space for a full sized airport is really limited. I will be posting photos of all these very soon. 

I have began to download other peoples mocs and:

A) equipped the cabinets 

B) equipped the cab

C) changed the paint scheme 

D) changed anything else I deem necessary. 

 So starting today if you leave a link to a downloadable (Stud.io) version of your creation with a list of things you want changed (cab equipped, etc. ) as a status update and I will do change it and send it back to you (as a Stud.io file). 

I really liked Ben's Pierce Velocity Heavy Pumper as a base for an South Metro Fire Rescue's Engine 40, a rig I had wanted to build for quite a whilst. I kept Ben's cab and changed some parts of the body, the pump panel, equipped the cabinets and cab and added a light tower and ladder rack. I am pretty happy with the result. Once again the original truck is by Ben

My Version:


I made a bunch of Ambulances (see my last blog) and my next build is going to be a station to house them all in here is the last ambulance to join my collection, A VW HART response van. 


I hope you enjoy this blog, stay safe, and happy Easter!! Thanks For Reading!!




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