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Ford Taurus Design Done

Rescue 423


Happy Tuesday, 

As I said in my last blog, here is my Toronto Police Ford Taurus. It has seats for 3 people (2 in the cab and 1 in the rear bench seat) as well as a divider between front and rear seats, front details include a computer, gear shift stick, and multiple gears and buttons resembling the ones used for emergency lighting in the real vehicle. Exterior details include 4 opening doors and an opening boot. IMG_3361.thumb.JPG.1cdce547c0d9d3a270022bf14d6476e7.JPGIMG_3362.thumb.JPG.8c3beefe9ec4aeeaabcce0e06d50893f.JPGIMG_3363.thumb.JPG.31859d243d430a9f95f847dc6c2e83ae.JPG

Credits: I edited Svens Ford explorer rear light design and used it. Aside from that this is 100% custom made. 


Also, with the redecorating project, I finished my last car and decided to also do some simple roof decals for my British Transport Police car. Once again for more Lego City Police Force go check out the album. If you have not read my previous blogs, please do so, I have a Ford Explorer VS Ford Taurus vote on the one before this one so go check it out.IMG_3364.thumb.JPG.2710e86e4143e45b7b5148e6c1d3da6d.JPGIMG_3365.thumb.JPG.b3cc95299895751bb261c5d59f866ff7.JPG

Left to Right: British transport police car, Lego City Police Force Traffic car, (lack of space is why there are 2 studs uncovered on the traffic car). 

 Thanks for reading!! 😀 


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