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Just a Fun Little Poll

Rescue 423


Ford Taurus V. S. Ford Explorer The Better Police Interceptor  

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  1. 1. I have recently built a Ford Explorer and am in the middle of building a Ford Taurus and I thought of the question, of the 2 main police patrol/traffic vehicles (I know the Ford Crown Vic is a popular favorite but unfortunately they are all getting too old, so) , which of the new police interceptors is better, the Ford Taurus or the Ford Explorer?

    • Ford Explorer
    • Ford Taurus

As mentioned in the poll, my next project is a Toronto Police Ford Taurus, which led me too the question, which one does the general EB community like better. 

Also, Re-decorating update,  I Finished both the Armed Response Vehicles and will soon be doing my favorite, the traffic unit. You can see individual pictures of my redecorating project on the LCPF album so go check that out!! Also, if you missed my last blog, go check it out and let me know what you think of my Ford Explorer. 

Disclaimer: I didn't plan on making this blog entery I just wanted to make a poll and so apparently I need to make a Blog entry to make a poll, and here we are. Thanks for reading!! 😄



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