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Re- "decorating" my fleet

Rescue 423


Hey folks, 

So if you read my status update you would have a general idea of what this first issue of this blog is about (hint, that project that I spent too much time on 😁). I am currently re-doing all the stickers on the vehicles on my police fleet.  I started with just a standard patrol car and I love the way it turned out. large.IMG_3332.JPG.744858d834c7e22b40862aec460d622c.JPG

The front. The first time I have ever custom made licence plates and company logos. Also, CGV is the police cars calling code (Charlie, Golf, Victor).  


Around the back you can see the chevrons, ANPR cameras, and a way of making antenna that I have seen before but never actually used. 


For the last time, this is the proper way of making rooftop ID decals, the 01 is the force code, the orange circle means its an Incident Response Car and CGV is its call code. 


If anyone is wondering "Why this picture?" its to show the laptop being relocated from the back to the space between the windscreen and the steering wheel, the closest it can get to its real position in the real car. I did this by moving the whole interior one stud back. 



I will soon be re "decorating" (that"s one word for it) but a lack of supplies will soon knock this project back into motion. As for other things, I am currently in the process of trying to download Stud.io, (I will be putting out an official ask for advice in the Lego forum soon) but this is just a heads up if you have any really useful advice, please leave it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading! If you haven't already, please follow me and check out all the cool content I have posted. 


And just like that I summed up my first blog post. Wow. Thanks again for reading!! 😉


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