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Major Civilian San Brickardo Update and starting SBFR

Rescue 423


So after my brief hiatus while studying for an exam I have returned to show you all the progress on San Brickardo (which is a lot) that I've made in the last month. 

Using @ Joshs method of utilizing google earth to find buildings to build in Lego here are 3 brand new San Brickardo Mocs and their real life counterpart. 

Lindenhurst Ave Apartments

Based off of this fenced off apartment complex on Lindenhurst Ave in the real LA (see picture below) I built my own Lindenhurst Apartments Moc135953249_LindenhurstApartmkentsRealLifeThing.thumb.jpg.1b169b1e8a342498b6e2e76a46bdaa80.jpg

And here is the Lego Version: 


As you can see I replicated the color scheme and odd shape, but added my own touch with some of the other details. In terms of placing in the city the rear wall (with towers 2 and 3 along it) goes against Elm Ave and the front wall (with a single tower along it) goes against the brand new Santa Monica Blvd (more on that to come). 


Lindenhurst Apartments also borders Merlion Blvd, a side street running from Elm Ave to Santa Monica Blvd. Running thru the apartments is Lindenhurst Ave, connecting Merlion Blvd with Sant Monica Blvd. 


The basketball courts located between the park and the parking lot for use by residents. 


Said park is a nice relaxing place for a walk tucked in the corner of the property.


The front entrance of one of these lovely buildings (Tower I of III) lined by professionally cut trees.


Sir Lindenhurst himself (and yes there's a story behind the name, here it is written on these plaques located in the park (pictured below))


(The music academy is coming soon 🙂) Lindenhurst apartments is host to box alarm 253 and the entire site is inspected annually by the SBFR. It features a full interior with stairs to each to floor created by a lot of copy/pasting.

Santa Monica BLVD and Whittler Ave

Once again based off a real thing, a strip mall in LA, located on the real like Whittler BLVD.  


I copied this almost exactly, and you will see a bit of Santa Monica BLVD, one of my favorite streets.


As you can see here, Santa Monica BLVD (the one with the palm trees) and Whittler BLVD (which goes all the way up to Elm Ave). I am very happy with how the traffic lights and details of this overall shot looks. In the Whittler Ave Strip Mall there is a fast food pizza place (like the one IRL) and a dentistry place (both with full interiors) as well as an old nail salon turned homeless encampment.


The Nail Salon looks a little wore for wear, with a shattered front window and kicked down door.  


This sign displays all the businesses that used to operate at the mall. 

Whittler Ave Laundromat

With inspiration taken from a real laundromat, this one I only took brief inspiration from.


Here is the Lego version. The first floor is entirely a laundromat (with a full interior and bathrooms) and the second floor is an apartment for the family that runs the laundromat. 


This building is designed to be slotted right next to the road plate to the right of Whittler Strip Mall. It is fully decaled and I think it looks pretty good. 


What's the giant space for? That's for the Lindenhurst Apartments MOC to slide in, with the road connecting perfectly! You can also see the stars of the laundromat and more of Santa Monica BLVD. 

Now for one of my side projects. I've been looking for civilian vehicles to populate the streets of San Brickardo with, and here's what I have so far: 

Tesla Model 3


This Tesla Model 3 and its charging port is all 5 wide and entirely custom! I'm really happy with how it looks! What do you think?

I've also built a Ford F350, Ford Transit, GMC, and Ford Transit Connect vans as part of a project I recently finished to build a fleet of vehicles commonly found at mobile movies sets! Looking forward to using those in a scene. I also have a Toyota Sienna, (exactly the same as the municipal security one) and plans for a 5 wide jeep. What car do you think I should do next? 

Time for the last section for today, San Brickardo Fire Rescue. I've got a couple stations I've started to design in my head, and one I'm ready to build, but first I need a fire truck to go in the station. 

If it was all up to me it would be a fleet of Fods and Peirce Velocity's and I need some more diversity (I also don't want to use one spec for the entire fleet, although I might change my mind depends on what I end up creating). I need a spec for a downtown, busy, high-rise fire engine, what should it be? (The station its going in is a single company FDNY station exactly like the one @Point Lego City Firerecently posted on Instagram). 


Thanks for reading, hopefully you enjoyed the update, and please remember to comment what car I should build next and a spec for the first fire truck. Thanks!

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My word man...this is incredible! I would imagine further details IRl like minifigs, cars, trash, etc will just put this over the top. Love the tesla! Nice job!

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2 hours ago, Josh said:

My word man...this is incredible! I would imagine further details IRl like minifigs, cars, trash, etc will just put this over the top. Love the tesla! Nice job!

Thanks so much! Unfortunately it will be a while since we see this stuff IRL so I'm going to have to try and make it look as good as i can. Any fire engine spec suggestions? 

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Wow, awesome stuff! Love the apartments! That jeep sounds cool, you should make a gladiator in addition to 2 and 4 door versions. 

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10 hours ago, Joshua B said:

Wow, awesome stuff! Love the apartments! That jeep sounds cool, you should make a gladiator in addition to 2 and 4 door versions. 

Once I have the wheelbase and iconic grill done I'll definitely make a gladiator. Cause if San Brickardos warm climate I was also thinking of making some without doors (see below): 


Edited by Rescue 423
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