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5th gen Ram, here we come!

Joshua B


And we have our first picture of a 5th gen (2019 & newer) Ram in diecast, 1/64 scale form! That I am aware of, only Greenlight and Ertl have announced 5th gens, with Greenlights still being under wraps: here's what we do know about that one though, taken from the 2021 catalog.


Back to Ertls version, I'm pleased to see more accurate body lines and overall details then the previous 3 generations of Rams Ertl has offered; so far each one has gotten better, and that's continued here. Notice the accuracy of the curved back of the cab, with the bed shape to match. This is also the first dually Ram Ertl has made, and sports an all new set of wheels, although they unfortunately appear to reuse the near treadless tires from the Ford dually Ertl makes. It will be released in this beautiful navy blue, as well as a plain white, with possible other colors to come in the future. The front end is perfection judging by this pic, with an extremely detailed grille (for Ertl anyways) and accurate shaping of the bumper. To top it off, there is some excellent tamps going on here, with the detailed hood badge as well as door lettering. Painted clearance lights and the black antenna are new for this gen too. From what I can see around the dually fender, there is a fine set of tamped taillights back there. Here's to hoping they don't go too obnoxious with the bumper pull hitch  As you can tell, I'm extremely excited for this! Should it hit stores before GLs version, I wonder if the front clip could be grafted onto a 4th gen Greenlight Ram to open up normal bed variations and a bit more detail.

Enough talk, feast your eyes on this!


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