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Best of 2015



You may nominate any creations or member who falls into one of the following categories:

Member Awards

  • Builder of the Year
  • Best Newcomer
  • Most Helpful

Creation Specific

  • Best Engine
  • Best Tanker
  • Best Ladder
  • Best Rescue / Squad
  • Best Ambulance
  • Best Police Vehicle
  • Best Brush / Wildland
  • Best Airport Rig
  • Best CAD/ LDD Creation
  • Best Pickup / SUV
  • Best Unique Vehicle
    (wreckers, buses, flatbeds, and other emergency vehicles that don't fit into a category listed)

Other / Misc

  • Most Advanced/ Innovative Design Technique or Feature
  • Best Presentation (Includes photos, backgrounds and other elements.)
  • Best Accident/ Fire or Other Scene
  • Best Striping / Decaling
  • Best Station

Remember to include the following when posting a nomination:

  • The name or alias of the member being nominated.
  • What category they are being nominated for.
  • A link to their creation either here on on MOCpages.

If you would like to be anonymous use a private message and let us know so we can honor this request.


Recommended Comments

Well since no entries have been submitted yet, and we typically open voting by this date, we may have to wait another year or do something over the summer. We'll see if entries are made over the next week or so.

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