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About this blog

I am celebrating my 15th year on the job this year, so I thought it would be fun to post the best, worst, funniest  and most memorable fire and/or Lego stories I have gathered in those 15 years.
I hope you enjoy!


Entries in this blog

The one that changes everything.

My second entry, the fire that changed me, in more ways then others. Slight word of warning though, this is not a happy or funny story, but it is a key moment in my life as I will explain along the way, and I changed the name of the family because of privacy reasons. Christmas eve 2007, just before 7pm. We were just having dinner, making jokes , just the usual firehouse banter. And just before dessert, tones " Engine 4534, Engine 4530, Ladder 4550, Battalion 4595, structure fire, rest


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The Water Cooler

The Water Cooler

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