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About this blog

I am celebrating my 15th year on the job this year, so I thought it would be fun to post the best, worst, funniest  and most memorable fire and/or Lego stories I have gathered in those 15 years.
I hope you enjoy!


Entries in this blog

A new challenge.

Sometimes, we happen to be in the right place at the right time, but it takes training and expierence to make a difference. 2010, the year that should have ended my firefighting career. The newly formed county FD was preforming budget cuts all around, (and hiring highly paid managers) and one of those measures was to reduce the cost of the full time crews. In reality it meant that the 24 hour crews would be laid off except for a select few that were gonna work from 9 to 5, and the rest


MM1986 in MM's stories

The other things we do.

Next to fighting fires, I loved (and still do) cutting up vehicles. And in my 15 years of service, I've dissasembled pretty much a whole junkyard, of course with help of my brothers and sisters. I've cut into anything from a beat up lunchbox to a Ferrari, even a city bus and all European brands of truck. Seen all sorts of outcomes for the pinned in persons, from nothing more then a scratch to unrecognisable mangled bodies, even a 140+ car pileup, but enough about that, after the last entry


MM1986 in MM's stories

Running hot!

Okay first entry, let's see if this will pick up. We are going back to late 2007 for this story, I was just a rookie with a dozen of shifts under my belt and a handfull of volunteer calls, and was a major white cloud, as they say in the fire service, I have had my first fire, a bicycle shed on fire, no big deal, but nothing on fire since then, enough Automatic Fire Alarm calls, but nothing more then some smoldering wiring and cranky grampas smoking under a smoke detector. So one night, st


MM1986 in MM's stories

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