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Revisiting Andy L's Awesome Creations
0 comments , May 13 2013 @ 11:58 AM, by Dakota , in Community

Andy L. is an AFOL who prefers to build vehicles, he states on his MOCpages account he turns to LEGO for some stress relief and enjoys the purist style building. (no modified bricks, paint, substitutions, etc.) Andy moved onto most of our communities radar a while back when he created an ambulance in (almost) MedLink colors. Whether it still exists today is unknown, but he has many other impressive works worth sharing as well, so that's what we'll do here.

Before we go on with a bunch of photos, you can visit Andy's Flickr Account here, or visit his MOCpages profile here if you'd care to see more, and trust me there is plenty.

In an effort to reduce any strain on your page loading we've grouped together images on different pages to avoid being too resource intensive. So enough of my babbling, here are some great photos of great builds:

The MedLink Ambulance

Officially Titled: "American style Ambulance in MedLink colour scheme"
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